What is Quality Score? How does it affect the AdWords account?

What is Quality Score? How does it affect the AdWords account?

Quality score is a dynamic variable given by Google, given to every keyword in the AdWords account. There are millions of advertisers having millions of keywords in their AdWords account and still Google Manages to give QS to each keyword. Higher QS lowers your CPC values.

There is no official document which states what weighs more in the Google’s algorithm when calculating the Quality Score. However, CTR is one of the most crucial parameter. This is because CTR is the best way for system to really know if you ads are relevant to the users.

Few parameters for QS are:

  1. CTR
  2. Relevance
  3. LPQ (Landing Page Quality)
  4. Historical Account Performance

When your QS increases your Actual CPC decreases and your AdWords costs decreases. You can spend less and still get to occupy good positions on Google SERP. You must constantly check the keywords Quality Scores in the AdWords account and always try to improve the QS.

On the contrary, your QS decreases then you pay higher hut still occupy low positions on Google page. We at Adonai Advertisings AdWords Training in Hyderabad teach these things at our Institute and deal with all such related issues in our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad. Please Contact us for more information or to join the course.


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