10 reasons to choose Digital Marketing as a career in Hyderabad.

Digital Marketing is the most sought after marketing channel currently in India and abroad. The number of people going online is increasing day by day. The world is going online. We are NOT  getting online but remember we are living online. So the business that does not have Digital presence does not really exist to the world.

Consider a Big Hospital in your city where hundreds of people visit every day, if this hospital does not have a listing on Google Maps, then people don’t really believe that the hospital really exists. If your business is not online, your business will soon be out of business.

If you see, the number of people who brought smartphones increased exponentially in the last 3 years. The reason why people buy a smartphone is because they want to connect to internet. In fact, the very reason why people purchase the smartphone is because they want to make their online surfing very comfortable and effective. As more and more businesses are going online, the scope to promote the business on the Digital platform is also huge. You can only reach people who are interested in your product or service. You can reach the right person at the right time with the right ad on the right device creating a zero moment of truth (ZMOT).

Digital India, the very program initiated by the prime minister, reminds us of the importance and scope of the Digital Marketing in the future years. If you want to start a career in this creative industry, Adonai will help you with Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad. The only Digital Marketing Training Institute in Hyderabad to be a Google Partner. Here are some reasons:

  1. Huge demand for Digital Marketing Experts in the MNC’s.
  2. Challenging and creative work
  3. High salary packages (Freshers are hired for 20,000 pm and experienced are drawing upto 11l lakhs).
  4. It is open for all everyone (Graduates are preferred).
  5. Future looks very bright
  6. More opportunities to establish yourself.
  7. Earn as a freelancer (work for multiple companies while working for MNC).
  8. The Learning curve is great.
  9. Remember, every business needs a Digital Marketing Expert (Industry us not limited to one segment).
  10. Fastest growing Industry.

The work is very exciting and challenging. It does not become monotonous. May be you would be working on same tools but the final results are not same. Every business is unique and have the challenges of their own.

If you are interested to join the industry and make a career in DIgital Marketing, you can register for the Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad from Adonai. We provide you with the real time exposure so you become full fledged Digital Marketing Professional.