Our Focus Areas During the Measurement Bootcamp

Measurement Bootcamp will be your best decision and you will never regret taking it up. You will fall in love with marketing if you are an experienced marketer, and if you are a fresher you'll will learn every small nuance of Digital Marketing, that’s how deep we are going to learn and practice in the 65 days of Program.


Learning —

Focussed Learning

Get a chance to learn in-depth strategies and techniques for insightful gain and success. You will get to learn every marketing platform’s offering and its underlying technology. From why a platform was created, what is it’s functional significance to where does it come in your multi channel marketing strategy? You will learn a vast variety.


Research —

Complete Research

In general nowhere, it is taught how to research a topic. Here you will research widely on your business model before creating your website. Don’t panic if you don’t have a business, every cohort (student) here will create an eCommerce website where you will find many mechanisms on how to get a USP for your business by finding out the competitors business which helps you in your career or your business.


Planning —

Planning and Forecasting

You have to plan every step of your journey. It is not always a business that needs planning, be it your career or your journey at Bootcamp also needs planning. We plan a proper way to cover the theoretical and practical classes, if you can get a connection between the two you can gain the maximum amount of knowledge and practical experience in Digital Marketing.


Implement —

Real-time Practicals

Implementation is where you get practical exposure. It doesn’t help you if don’t implement the knowledge you received. You might have gained knowledge but the implementation of the website brings you the real confidence and real skill to sustain in this competitive world.


Optimize —

Optimization & Improvement

Get to optimize the website and also your skills. You will optimize the campaigns, audience, budget, and what not? Optimization is the heart of Digital Marketing because that way you get to make every detail as perfect as possible and as profitable as possible.

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