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4 out of every 7 students who've enrolled are experienced digital marketers.
Learn with International students in bootcamp & get global experience.

Measure Marketer – India’s First 100% Real-Time Digital Marketing Bootcamp

At Make Marketer, we aim to teach the actual marketing & measurement skills that make you a real digital marketer. You don’t become a digital marketing expert by attending an institute and learn the basics & tools. Most trainers themselves don’t know eCommerce Marketing. You must implement advanced techniques by working live on a eCommerce website.

Remember, you have to learn advanced ad strategies to get placed in a good company and make a career. No company will ask you basic questions; they want to hire someone who can implement advanced measurement & growth strategies from the word go and our marketing & measurement bootcamp is the place where you will learn, create, implement and optimize a live business website for CRO.

3 months of hard work will put you 5 years ahead.

Bootcamp was never conceived to just train as many people as possible using all the marketing techniques and drive volume. It was conceived for those experienced digital marketers who lack real skills are have no way out.

We want to redefine the whole marketing and measurement game and this is possible if we upskill the experienced marketers and that what makes the whole bootcamp thing possible.

What you’ll learn is something that 8+ years experienced marketers don’t exhibit.

Prashanth Reniguntala - Founder, CEO - Measure Marketer


We are trusted by over 3200+ experienced marketers on YouTube.

Make Digital Marketing work for you, your business, and for your career. Don’t wait for a right time or a right day to come. It’s high time.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp is a Program where one would learn the real skills to become a real digital marketer with advanced eCommerce skills. You would gain experience equivalent to 3 to 5 years after the successful completion of bootcamp.

Learn with a Google Partner
Work on Real-Time Ad Accounts


Google Partners is Google’s platform for Agencies who want to get most out of their relationship with Google. There are 3 qualification levels to achieve this status i.e. Performance, Spend and Specialisations. Verify our status by clicking on the Google Partner Logo and check Google Partners Database. All other institutes just put the logo but don’t enjoy the actual status.


It means that we’re Trusted by Google and that our Students & Clients can trust us too with Google Ads Campaign Management, Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Hyderabad just display the logo claiming the status, but to maintain the status, one have to manage a large spend without any decline in the MCC account. We have managed an ad spend of over INR 400,000,000 (40 Crores)

We aim and aspire to teach you the skills that are not taught otherwise. You will learn to experience Google Ads, FB Ads, SEO, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Ad Server, Search and Display, APP Marketing in real time.

Create Campaigns and run those campaigns by spending money and reaching the desired KPI’s.