About Us

The idea, hard work and the people behind Measure Marketer.
Differentiate between 'Action' & 'Activity.

How it all started

For years, I often found myself feeling lonely, professionally. 99% of digital marketers don't measure and even if they do they do it all wrong. Measurement is the heart of all marketing and to do that programming knowledge is imperative. Digital marketing needed bootcamps where programming and marketing go together redefining the whole marketing landscape.

I would get frustrated and wish that I had someone with a similar growth marketing mindset to bounce ideas around with. For long everyone thought there is no programming in digital marketing. People who say such stuff are leading the future digital marketers in the wrong direction. Programming is essential in marketing and it redefines the way marketing is done and measured.

The idea for measuerment bootcamp came from my own personal struggle of being a solo-marketer who wanted to use programming into marketing. Amazed with the advertising technologies, realized is a big game and we can't go far without progamming in marketing.

Read my story here.

The Team

We’re a team with diverse backgrounds and skill sets in marketing, technology & eCommerce.

Some of our skills are complimentary while others overlap and the result is just amazing.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are not scared to ask for help or speak up when something isn’t sitting right. We believe what we already know is useless. We believe in learning everyday in everything.

We hope to achieve the same from this measurement bootcamp.

We all strongly believe in human relationships and active learning, which just happen to be two of the core values of Measure Marketer, the third is humility.


A voracious reader, a technology geek, a core programmer, and an over-sharer. Guess who's who! We're four completely different people and when our powers combine, we make magic.

Our Core Values


in digital marketing, nobody knows everything and we should all be open to hearing a different perspective on what we are working.

The marketing world and the tools available are changing at light speed, so how can any one person be expected to keep up with the new updates and skills?

Opening yourself up to feedback from your peers will not only make you a stronger person, but also lead to more confidence in your professional life.

Active Learning

It is so easy to get enthralled with the marketing blog world and spend copious amounts of time listening to the smartest of smart peeps on their podcasts.

It’s great to take it all in, but at the end of the day, that's all passive learning. You're absorbing everything that they are saying, but really anyone can do that.

What matters is what you're doing with that knowledge.

  • Are you moving forward and testing out what you just read?
  • Are you having conversations about what you want to try?

Digital marketing is all about the application of new measurement skills and hundreds and hundreds of A/B testings. Testing is the only way to CRO.

Human Relationships

People make the world go round.

Sorry bots, you may be impressive, but I’d still rather talk to a human any day.

We believe in the lost art of simply “having a chat”.

Measure Marketer comes down to people helping people. We love creating experiences that delivers delight and happiness.

Establishing relationships with marketing professionals from all over the world and sharing failures,ideas and goals is a pretty cool thing in the bootcamp and measure marketer overall.

We’ve spent many an hour going over every aspect and scrutinising every tiny detail of this platform, having disagreements mixed in with both laughter and educational.

Our Experience

A Google Partner for Last 7 years.

We're Marketers, Programmers and Technologists

We are living and breathing digital for the last 11 years. Worked with companies like Google, Amazon and with some of the best agencies in the world managing huge ad spends for biggest eCommerce clients.

Managed an Ad Spend of over USD 70,00,000 till date. Implemented some of the most technically high end measurement implementations writing extensive JavaScripts. We are core programmers too.

We are now living in a marketing age where programming has become such a crucial part of marketing. It redefined the way marketing is done and measured. Thanks to Google Tag Manager which is a JavaScript deployment machine.

Digital marketers today are in such a bad shape that experience is nothing more than just a number for experienced marketers. It's all because of the institutes that their whole career is jeopardised. We wanted to help them learn the real skills and provide these experienced marketers a platform where they can share their problems , learn and grow in their careers and when they do, the companies they work for also grow.

Ready to get started & GROW in Your carrer?
Speak with Prashanth Reniguntala, see how bootcamp helps you become a better digital marketer

Speak with Prashanth Reniguntala, see how bootcamp helps you become a better digital marketer