Google Ads Interview Questions for Accenture – Part 1

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Accenture Interview Questions for AdWords/PPC roles.

If you are applying for Accenture interview and trying to find the type of questions that are asked during your interview rounds. Answer all these questions before you even think of taking the shot. We teach digital marketing to our cohorts in a way that by the time they complete the bootcamp, they will be ready for any digital marketing interview. Moreover, we guarantee 100% placements to all those students who complete the immersive bootcamp course. You will be able to answer anything related to digital marketing vertical.

  1. Experience in Google Ads Editor, what are its advantages?
  2. Knowledge on Excel (comparison graphs, pivot charts, formulas, V Lookup, H Lookup, filters.
  3. What is CTR – Click through Rate – and how does it effect the quality score and performance.
  4. Questions in Conversion Rate Formula and other related arithmetic’s.
  5. What is outranking share – and how will you use it?
  6. What is the character length for ETA headline & for descriptions – Editorial Policies?
  7. Character limit of destination URL – Destination URL policies.
  8. How many campaigns/Ad Groups can be created in a Google Ads account?
  9. Ad rank/quality score correlation?
  10. What is a shared library?
  11. What are the types of networks in Google AdWords? Explain each network in detail?
  12. What are dynamic Search Ads (DSA)? What are its objectives?
  13. What is the highest membership duration for display remarketing list? –
  14. Prepare on some advanced remarketing strategies (days bound, remarket to users who visit website from Facebook)
  15. Remarketing with video ad sequence?
  16. Explain campaign level settings
  17. How to divide budget across multiple campaigns.
  18. How to use keywords match types (difference between broad and BMM, Phrase and BMM)
  19. Bid strategies (ECPC, CPA, ROAS, Target Outranking Share)
  20. How remarketing works, advanced remarketing strategies
  21. How to do keyword bid optimizations
  22. ETA , responsive search ad specifications
  23. Relation between ad performance and conversion rate
  24. Forecasting in AdWords
  25. Types of conversions, explain each of them in detail.
  26. In-market and affinity audience (custom)
  27. Auction insights reports
  28. Search terms reports and its importance
  29. Why do you use Google AdWords –
  30. AdWords certified – what all certifications?
  31. CPC: Cost per click, formula of CPC?
  32. CPA: Cost Per acquisition
  33. How to check daily campaign cost of last 7 days?
  34. At what levels are bids and budgets suggested?
  35. What is budget delivery and over delivery? Describe each type.