AdExperiements Program

Ad Experiments is a program of Google, which allows them to test new ad formats or serve ads in a new way. So every time you find ads that are different from what we have learnt then understand that it may be an experiment conducted through Ad Experiments Program.


We all know that Google always tries to experiment new things in AdWords. This year alone Google released approximately 800+ updates. Yes, we all understand that Google wants to improve the user experience and so they release these updates. But never had we thought, does Google test them before releasing these updates for the Advertisers AdWords accounts. Yes it does!!! This is referred as Ad Experiments. Learn many more insider topics like these in our AdWords Training in Hyderabad or it is better if you can enroll for the Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad from Adonai.

Before an update is released Google tests them by implementing them across some accounts and some websites for certain period of time. Once they test the functionality of features then they release them to all advertisers across globe. This is referred as Beta Version of the feature. Hope you all now have some clarity on what I am getting at.

Google, in the beta version allows some advertisers to use the features and collects the feedback on the results emerged from big agencies. If it is successful then they will release it for the Advertisers all over along with statistics confirming that this change/ update will affect these many accounts and so on.

Note: Do you know the country on which Google performs majority of their beta versions? No, then here it is!!! It’s New Zealand.

Why New Zealand, because the user behaviour in New Zealand is very close to the user behaviour in USA and also the number of searches performed is less. So if it’s unsuccessful then this beta testing will not affect the advertisers in a big way.  Take Digital Marketing Training from Adonai and learn the topics real time.


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