AdWords Interview Questions for Accenture

Adonai Advertising, A Google Partner Company in Hyderabad. If you are appearing for the interview in Accenture, HCL, Cognizant, Regalix or Genpact, we would suggest you to be thorough with the metrics of your AdWords account. You may also consider these questions for your interview.

  1. What is Double Serving Policy?
  2. Can we advertise 2 websites from one account/ can we advertise one website from 2 accounts?
  3. Can we add phone numbers in the ad copy?
  4. I am an advertiser and I am curious to see where my ad is appearing? Do you recommend me to go to and perform a live search?
  5. What is Bid Simulator Tool? What do I find from this?
  6. How do you increase the conversion rates?
  7. Formulae of CTR and Avg. CTR
  8. Do you know about Ad Extensions? Tell me which extensions are suitable for what businesses?
  9. They may give you the data for 2 campaigns, they may ask you to calculate the ROI.
  10. Simple, formula of Cost?
  11. What are the types of targeting options for Display Network?

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