Default Page in Google Analytics. ‘/’ and ‘/index.html’ tracked separately in GA?

Default page in Google Analytics: Have you ever wondered how Google Analytics displays  and even though they both are same (take users to the same page), they show up as two separate entries in your reports. You can use this setting to configure Google Analytics to treat them as the same page by defining the Default page for your site:

If you find these pages reported differently in analytics, only then you will have to use this setting.

  1. Navigate to the desired account, property, and view.
  2. In the VIEW column, click View Settings.
  3. In the Default page field, enter the default page for this domain. This is the page that loads when a user enters only the domain of your site into their address bar. For example, if loads your index.html web page, enter index.html in this field.
  4. Click Apply.

This also works at the subdirectory level. In other words, once you have entered index.html as the default page, Analytics also treats and as the same page.

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