Audit for a Google AdWords Account: How and why to do it?

Audit for an AdWords Account: How and why to do it?

Conduct an AdWords Audit for your AdWords Account and improve performance, achieve ROI and multiply your profits. Though this sounds crazy, you have to really agree with me since I started my conversation with the much anticipated Conclusion first.

Now getting into detail, any AdWords audits are conducted at the start of the project in general. To sum it up, it also requires you have to possess enough data to analyze and selected date range (specify data of at least 3 months to analyze the results). Moreover, Make sure all your AdWords campaigns should be tightly themed to be effective.

Furthermore, every advertiser should find out the areas or look at key performance indicators(KPIs) that offer scope for enhancement and provides an opportunity to optimize your account to its full potential.

Generally speaking, conducting an AdWords Audit itself is considered to be expensive, tedious and time-consuming task, in particular done by professionals.

But before getting into deep, Properly Link up your AdWords Account to a Google Analytics account, and make sure tracking code has been implemented correctly. We teach you all these concepts in a very detailed way in our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad Course.

The next step in this Audit process is that Account Mangers need to download all of the AdWords Account Data and Google Analytics Data to an Excel Spreadsheet, to see the changes made to the campaigns.

However, the prepared Audit should be easy to use and understand, provide accurate analysis of your Account. And also it must offer actionable insights on your paid search customer journey apart from competitive intelligence for account optimization.

Especially for small and medium business owners who can’t afford to spend more for one reason or another, supposed to be extra cautious and tend to check all the features included in a typical AdWords Audit Checklist.

Therefore, they need to assess their spending costs with other AdWords Advertisers to check what and where they went wrong in their AdWords Account, discover and put forth efforts to improve. Moreover it is advised to implement specific changes if necessary for their AdWords Campaigns to achieve the expected results in selected budget.

Some of the key metrics include Ad Impressions, Quality Score, CTR, Negative keywords ( to save money), Account Structure, Long-Tail Keywords, Ad Text optimization, Landing Pages(for targeted messages), Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, Location Targeting, Bid Strategy, Networks, Remarketing, Ad Extensions, etc., Moreover, I am not speaking how to improve your CTR by quality content and eye-catching titles in ads.

Obviously, for all the accounts you manage, don’t waste valuable money; follow the best AdWords practices, keep your AdWords Costs Low and increase conversions. To enumerate, truly and smartly spend your every cent to generate sales through PPC Advertising instead of mere online presence.

In every stage of this PPC Audit process, have a qualitative and quantitative data, keep up with the latest trends, develop profitable strategies in place, be creative, experiment and test new methods to outpace the competition to achieve your business goals and desired ROI.

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