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Google AdWords PPC Training in Hyderabad

  1. Best practices of a Text Ads:
    Always use inter-capitalizations.
    Inter-capitalization means, the first letter of every word in your ad should be a capital letter (NOT the entire word) exceptions prepositions).
  2. Use Prices & promotions.
    @200 only, 30% OFF, Limited Offer, Huge Discounts, Huge Sale etc.
  3. Use a strong Call to Action Word (CTA).
    Ex: Buy Now!, Register Now!, Call us!, Subscribe! (Always use CTA’s at the end of Description line 2). For more CTA, please go to and search for CTA PDF’s.
  4. Use 1 important k/w of your business in each ad.
    Highlight one quality of your business in an ad
    Don’t write all qualities in the ad. If you have many qualities, then write several ads
    highlighting one quality in each ad.

Ad disapproval Reasons:

You can Learn all of them in the Google AdWords PPC Training in Hyderabad at our place.

These are the editorial guidelines that the Manual Ad Approval team looks into. You may want to learn them as they may help you in the interview levels.

  • Entire capitalizations of the words are not allowed except Abbreviations and Acronyms. You can use PPC (Pay per Click). JAC (Joint Action Committee), HYD (Hyderabad) in capital as they are abbreviations and acronyms. So please use this method and write one important word in capitals, so that your ads would stand out from the crowd.
  • You cannot use ‘Exclamation Mark’ in the TITLE of the Ad, but you can use one Exclamation Mark’ in the ad, so use it after the Call to Action in line 2.
  • As per the new Google advertising policy updates, you cannot use a phone number in the Ad texts. If you want to show the number then use call extensions.
  • You cannot use Separators in the Ads. i.e. |
  • Unnecessary punctuations are not allowed. (Ex: “@3000/-“, “@200@ FREE/1” **@300/- OFF**) Note: 5* Hotel is allowed, but if its ***** then the ads will be disapproved.
  • Vague and Gimmicky sentences are not allowed. ( freeeee, callllll, SSshhhhhhh, Awwwww, Cooolllll, asfssdfdsd)
  • Click Here and Best (exception) are not allowed in the ads.
    Always remember one thing when you are writing the ads, tell the Highlights, Sell the Benefits.

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