Bid Simulator Tool, excellent but most unused feature in AdWords.

For AdWords experts who are managing the AdWords accounts of their clients or working for a company spend time optimizing the campaigns with the insights they get from looking at various reports in the accounts. In our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad course we offer extensive

Most of them spend time analyzing Search Term Reports, Auction Insights report, work om the segment tab in the account for campaigns, adgroups and keywords tabs. Some of us even go further and use the Dimensions tab which is considered as a tab which gives some significant information about the performances of the campaigns and account.

We always strive to be at the top for most to the commercial intent based queries and increase the quality score and thus improving the Ad Rank, so that our ad always appears at the higher positions. But bear in mind, that your competitors also studying their reports and they are also working to get to the top positions. We look at the First position Bid estimate metric for the keywords and check the position for the keywords and the avg. cpc to understand how much you are charged for those positions.

However, there is this one good feature from AdWords, but mostly unused feature i,e Bid Simulator Tool, which helps us understand the bidding graph and how much are you supposed to bid, such that your ads perform even more.

In other words, Nid simulator tool helps us with the detailed graph showing how much are we currently bidding with the clicks and impressions received along with how much you can bid, and the variation in clicks and impressions you may see in the account, if you would be doing.

Last Please also note, this tool is available when you have data in the last 7 days. If you don’t have any data in the account or the campaigns, the system does not enable the Bid Simulator Option. You can learn more of these AdWords concepts in our Google AdWords Training in Hyderabad course. We train you on the live AdWords account, so you get practical AdWords Training in Hyderabad office. We also offer PPC Training in Hyderabad, you can register if you wish to gain real time knowledge on AdWords.

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