Can I advertise multiple domains/websites in a single AdWords account?

Advertisers with more than one website have this doubt: “Can I advertise multiple domains/websites in a single AdWords account?”

In short, yes you can promote! There is no stopping from multiple websites being advertised from one AdWords account. However, a policy is in place that requires all ads in an AdGroup lead to the same website/domain (One Display URL per AdGroup Policy), however this policy does not extend to different campaigns or separate AdGroups.

As a best practice it’s never recommended to advertise multiple websites in one account. Here are some reasons that will help advertisers make a more informed decision before they try.

  • As Per Policy:

For policy considerations, it is always a better strategy to maintain separate accounts for different domains. This will ensure that if there is a policy violation with one website then it the other website will not have any problem.

Ex: If the AdWords account is suspended for a policy violation from one website, then the other websites also will not serve the ads unless the violation from the first website is fixed. Imagine you cannot make changes to the first website for whatever reasons then Google will not allow your second website to be advertised also.

  • Account Settings

As we all know, AdWords account can only have one Billing Currency and one time zone selection. (Time Zone can be changed once in the life time of an account) So it is always a good idea to keep different domains in separate accounts if you wish to advertise in Different Time Zones and currency.

  • Payment

All the websites in AdWords account will be billed under one billing profile. This means it is not possible to split the costs and pay for each website domain or campaign separately. This means you cannot give a separate invoice to each website.

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