Ad Spends in Digital Marketing and Users

This digital marketing spending is quite prevalent in developed economies. But here’s the good news – developing countries are starting to catch up, and are not far behind the curve. Check out the below chart and see for yourself the growth in the digital marketing spend share over time in India:

Figure source : eMarketer

We have seen positions open for years in the digital marketing space because of the shortage of such niche talent coupled with the immense growth available in this field.

Excited yet? Good. Let’s start with the most basic question and take it from there!

What makes Digital Marketing better than Traditional Marketing?

Marketing is all about getting 4 things right (we call it Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) – reaching out to the right customer with the right product/offer at the right time through the right channel. Digital Marketing also needs a lot of testing to see which combination works for these 4 factors, so we find a channel that takes minimum time to hit the market. Traditional marketing channels like cable TV, flyers, radio, physical banners, etc. present a lot of challenges getting all of these 4 things right. To name a few:

1. Once printed or aired on television, an advertisement cannot be changed.

2. High time to market. This is actually a very big challenge for any dynamic industry. A lot of offers on products require a quick response time (like Amazon Prime sales) and advertisers don’t wish to announce the sale beforehand to make sure that customers regularly come to their website to check out offers and sale discounts.

3. No way to accurately measure viewed ads. All we know is the response from ad campaigns.

4. Very limited ways to reach out to a specific/niche audience.

5. Even if we somehow manage to reach the right customers, we might not really reach out at the right time. For instance, if we advertise during specific TV shows that are viewed by our target audience, we don’t really know whether the target customer is looking at the TV at the specific time when our ad is being served/played. Similarly, if we send a mail to a specific prospect who is traveling at the time and he might not read and it’s a lost opportunity.

6. Given a low response from these channels, most of these traditional methods have a high CPA (cost per acquisition).

Digital marketing is able to overcome all the challenges mentioned. With internet penetration reaching 60%+ around the globe and rapidly increasing (see chart below), digital media is now an ideal place to catch your audience’s attention.

Figure Source : Research Gate

Today, we can reach out to over 4 billion+ internet users through digital marketing. Another survey results (below) indicates 2 hr. 28 mins spent per day by adult internet users in India. Noting that average time spent by the total adult population is 1 hour, total internet user average should be somewhere between 1 hr to 2.5 hrs (say, 2 hours). An estimate of the ad serving opportunity available per day on the internet is 4 Bn*2 hours = 8 Bn hours/day.

Even if we assume only 1% of this internet time can be monetized with ads, we are still talking about 80 Million hours/day!

Figure source : eMarketer

This exercise would have given you a sense of the magnitude of the opportunity in digital marketing. And as a digital marketing analyst, you would have definitely noticed the incremental curve for both internet users and the average time spent users spend on the internet. Given the scale and precision of this marketing, it has become a must for businesses of any size and any vertical.


How to Capture Missing Impr. & Clicks with DSA?

Dynamic Search Ads Benefits:

Dynamic Search ads (DSA) are an advanced Google Ads feature that dynamically generates the Ad Text i.e. Headline and chooses the Display URL and Final URL. It is different from DKI’s (Dynamic Keyword Insertion).

  • Both DKI and DSA dynamically creates & updates the Ad Texts.
  • Key difference is DKI uses a syntax and DSA does not use any syntax in the ad text.
  • Another Key difference is DKI uses Keywords (i.e. DKI ads work with Keywords) and DSA does not use Keywords at all.

What? if DSA does not use Keywords then how will my ads go into the auction on search Network?

It uses the Google’s Index of your webpages and when people searching for something that is relevant to what you already have on your website, it creates the ad and serves the ad to the user.

Without DSA, even an account with large number of keywords will still miss some relevant impressions and clicks. In a way, they send people directly to what they want from your website

To use DSA. Your site should have atleast 300 pages and 100 pages must be indexed by Google.

Logic here is something like this,

When Search Term ó Content of the Indexed page, then the ads will be triggered into auction. The system uses the Google’s search index algorithm to achieve this.

How do you create these ads?

You cannot write the headline and the Destination URL.

DSA Make Marketer

What is the targeting method for DSA?

Here you use Dynamic Ad Target option from the Auto Target Option and select which pages you want to allow for ads.

It can be selected in several ways.

  1. URL
  2. Page Title
  3. Page Content
  4. Categories

Note, you can add negative keywords for these campaigns so that ads will not be served when search terms include these words.

Whenever you create these ads, please create them in a new campaign. You assign bids to the dynamic ad targets.

Benefits of DSA’s:

  1. They Save Time
  2. You don’t have to worry about the frequent changes to the content on your website, Google Index algorithm will do that for us.
  3. It drives incremental traffic to the site.
  4. Creates the Ads for us, based on search terms and content of webpage.

It is particularly useful when you know you are missing out on impressions because of your match types. Most marketers use exact match keywords since they want to drive the most relevant traffic and avoid as many irrelevant clicks as possible. If you write broad match type keywords, there is always a risk of driving clicks that don’t add value to the website or the business.

Finally, DSA are cheap and you can have a very low bid. Next strategy is to create an audience and do remarketing to drive conversions.

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Google Ads Interview Questions for Accenture – Part 1

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Accenture Interview Questions for AdWords/PPC roles.

If you are applying for Accenture interview and trying to find the type of questions that are asked during your interview rounds. Answer all these questions before you even think of taking the shot. We teach digital marketing to our cohorts in a way that by the time they complete the bootcamp, they will be ready for any digital marketing interview. Moreover, we guarantee 100% placements to all those students who complete the immersive bootcamp course. You will be able to answer anything related to digital marketing vertical.

  1. Experience in Google Ads Editor, what are its advantages?
  2. Knowledge on Excel (comparison graphs, pivot charts, formulas, V Lookup, H Lookup, filters.
  3. What is CTR – Click through Rate – and how does it effect the quality score and performance.
  4. Questions in Conversion Rate Formula and other related arithmetic’s.
  5. What is outranking share – and how will you use it?
  6. What is the character length for ETA headline & for descriptions – Editorial Policies?
  7. Character limit of destination URL – Destination URL policies.
  8. How many campaigns/Ad Groups can be created in a Google Ads account?
  9. Ad rank/quality score correlation?
  10. What is a shared library?
  11. What are the types of networks in Google AdWords? Explain each network in detail?
  12. What are dynamic Search Ads (DSA)? What are its objectives?
  13. What is the highest membership duration for display remarketing list? –
  14. Prepare on some advanced remarketing strategies (days bound, remarket to users who visit website from Facebook)
  15. Remarketing with video ad sequence?
  16. Explain campaign level settings
  17. How to divide budget across multiple campaigns.
  18. How to use keywords match types (difference between broad and BMM, Phrase and BMM)
  19. Bid strategies (ECPC, CPA, ROAS, Target Outranking Share)
  20. How remarketing works, advanced remarketing strategies
  21. How to do keyword bid optimizations
  22. ETA , responsive search ad specifications
  23. Relation between ad performance and conversion rate
  24. Forecasting in AdWords
  25. Types of conversions, explain each of them in detail.
  26. In-market and affinity audience (custom)
  27. Auction insights reports
  28. Search terms reports and its importance
  29. Why do you use Google AdWords –
  30. AdWords certified – what all certifications?
  31. CPC: Cost per click, formula of CPC?
  32. CPA: Cost Per acquisition
  33. How to check daily campaign cost of last 7 days?
  34. At what levels are bids and budgets suggested?
  35. What is budget delivery and over delivery? Describe each type.



The Positives and Negatives of Expanded Text Ads in Google AdWords. (Digital Marketing Training)

Expanded text ads – The good and the bad (Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad)
Google AdWords has now become synonymous with online business, given its reach and efficiency. Google, in the know of humongous growth of AdWords in coming years, engage in various developments to upgrade its services so that more advertisers get involved in it. Some may turn absolutely advantageous while others may trouble you in the long run. Incorporating both benefits and drawbacks, Expanded Text Ads came into the picture replacing traditional version of standard ads, in the year 2016. What are Expanded Text Ads? What effect does they have on AdWords? To unravel such perplexities, let’s dig deep into the concept of ETA.
What are Expanded Text Ads? 
Cited as the next generation of Text Ads by google, Expanded Text Ads allows the advertisers to provide more information for display on their ad. This beneficial in terms of message as user can have more amount of information at his disposal, without necessarily clicking the ad. Features of Expanded Text Ads are as follows
• Two headlines, up to 30 characters each.
• Single (Expanded) description field, up to 80 characters
• Display URL sharing the same domain as final URL
• Two optional path fields in the display URL with up to 15 characters each
This is the format of the Expanded Text Ads. It is apparent that some of its features such as display URL using the same domain as final URL and extension of character count are indeed helpful in curbing the regular concerns of messaging.
Why Expanded Text Ads?
Increase in usage of mobile phones is what propelled the idea of Expanded Text Ads. Majority of the worlds population carry smart phones and what’s better time than this to begin extending our reach using mobile as a medium? It aims to engage mobile users in Expanded texts which enables greater visibility and information quality, given the extension of character limit.
Note: Starting this January 31, 2017, AdWords will cease to support any kind of creation or editing of standard Ads as every ad created must be in Expanded Text ad format. However, existing standard Ads will continue to serve but cannot be further modified.
Now let us ponder the pros and cons of the Expanded Text Ads.  This is very important to know if you are in pursuit of Digital Marketing Job. We help you learn all these concepts in our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad program.
• With the extension of character limit, it is evident that Ads will be more specific and detailed.
• No need to worry about display URL matching the final URL domain as final URL domain is going to the display URL.
• With the larger visibility and more information, Ads are bound to grab the attention of potential customers.
• Optimization can be done more effectively as there is an increase in character count.
• You can witness considerable increase in CTR because of the increased length of the ad which enables more information for display.
• Though increase in characters is said to an advantage, it often results in heavy competition for the top spot as there can be no more than one top spot.
• According to some experts, this might be an inconvenience for the businesses that are not dominant in their chosen occupational group as existing pioneers might dominate the SERP by occupying larger space.
• Chances of decrease in CTR is also apparent. This is because Ads on higher position take up much amount of space pushing other ads significantly down resulting in loss fall of CTR.
• Some experts say that it obscures the distinguishing line between paid and organic results as the extension of title and description characters making it ambiguous and almost equal to organic results.
Expanded Text Ads have their own share of good and bad. But it’s up to us that what we concern ourselves with. Good quality and efficient optimization would help your ad reach the top position. Hope this article is enlightening and productive. Please leave your views in the comment section.
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The Importance of Staying in touch with your existing customers for business opportunities.

My article here is more of a reminder for you to know how important it is to stay in touch with your customers – which is guaranteed to increase your sales.

Whether you are a new start-up or a small business owner, the sure way to survive and grow your revenue is to stay in touch with your customers all the time. This could be once a month or sending a message on some event day or maybe even a birthday message. Unless you’re just starting out in business or in a professional career, I bet you’ve spent a ton of money to seduce new customers or customers you already have. And the same could probably be said about your competitors in the market. But your list of existing customers or database of your existing clients is a treasure that you could be surpassing. How effectively do you work on this hard-earned genuine customer list? Your existing customers are a bundle of resource that should be constantly worked and reworked over and over again (i.e. remarketing is a concept that generally talks about these cases) because if you do it consistently you are going up your sales and profits to a degree that can be absolutely amazing.

Please bear in mind, the cost of reaching them as compared to the cost of going out after new customers, is incredibly cheap and bankable.

Moreover, your customers, when you start talking with them at a deeper level, will see you as someone far more than just a commodity or product seller. They will perceive you as something more valuable and reliable. Every time you sell them a product or a service, you can then add other items to the sale thus implementing the concept of remarketing (also called as cross selling). This makes your business distinctive and no longer appears to be a commodity like all other businesses around you. You can add things for them, call them regularly, service them, send them information they may need, and also ask them for advice. Do these things, and they will see you as having such a deep commitment to them and it will be tremendously exciting.

You have to look at your customers or clients as a lifetime relationship than a one time opportunity You’ve got to look at that customer or client in the same way you would look at a dear and valued friend. Its really a long-term relationship that, unless you breach it, will go on indefinitely. It’s a relationship that will grow continuously.
Hope this helps you to understand the importance of staying in touch with your clients or customers on a regular basis for even more leads and business.

Learn all of these things in our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad from Adonai, the only Digital Marketing Training Institute in Hyderabad to be a Google Partner.


How to Find Long Tail Keywords for a New Website for Digital Marketing Success

It has now become very important to target keywords which are long (generally referred as Long Tail Keywords). Since these are the keywords with more accurate and genuine intent. Learn the different ways to find them practically in Our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad program. However, these long tail keywords are less competitive and so we can use them and target them to bring traffic to our website and also nurture the visitors to leads.

Keywords which are 2-3 words are generally expensive and have heavy competition in AdWords. So it always advised that we spend time to find long tail keywords and target them to bring those intent based searchers to your website. It is also easy to rank the Long tail keywords high in Google Search results by doing SEO. You can learn SEO techniques in our Digital Marketing Training Program.

Note: One good way to find these long tail keywords in AdWords are by implementing Dynamic Search Ads, and then check the search terms where the ads were triggered. Digital Marketing is always data driven and in our Live Digital Marketing Training you would get hands on experience on these works.

I am sharing some ways on how one can find long tail keywords for their business and use them in their AdWords campaigns and SEO strategies.

Use Google Suggest for Search Terms on Google:

Digital marketing Training in Hyderabad
Digital marketing Training in Hyderabad – Adonai

It is a great way to focus on Google to find phrases or long tail keywords that may be relevant and more specific in nature. Go to and search for your business using some know keywords, the Google Suggest feature will help you with some variations of search terms that are relevant to the current search term.

If it appears in Google Suggest, it is understood that people are using those phrases to search for the kind of business you are involved in.

All the more, it has been a disputed subject as some experts say that if you keep searching for some long tail search terms on for few days from few unique IP addresses and try and tell everyone to search for that long tail words for few times, then Google would consider that and suggest your phrases  on to users when they are searching for keywords that may be relevant to the business.

Also note, it is not confirmed anywhere and also not a good practice as well.  But, it that works for your business then Good for you.

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How to choose whether to go with PPC (pay per click) for your Business or Not?

Pay Per Click advertising is an essential way to be seen and also to generate business. There are various opportunities to become involved with Pay per click advertising from AdWords to Facebook. Each Pay per click website has its own rules and bidding constructions, but basically the methods you use are same regardless of where you choose to purchase advertisements. One may get into Pay per click advertising for as small as $5.00 to establish a AdWords account. If you need to control your costs then this is a technique to contemplate. There are two fundamental assumptions that stick to this strategy.

The first is that some, although not all, visitors may read throughout the entire list of Pay per click offerings and some might even click those lower down the list dreaming about a bargain. The 2nd is that within a broad range of keyword search selections a few minimum bid keywords will in fact find their way to the very top of the list. The minimum bid strategy will not necessarily produce a large number of traffic to your website but, if you use lots of key words or phrases, you’ll be able to quantify those with the best exposure and click through ratio.

Similar to the minimum bid strategy, the maximum daily spending budget strategy limits the amount you’re willing to spend each day and after that determine what the maximum you’re willing to fund an experienced lead to bring traffic to your site. You could safely bid that quantity and know that the advertisement may be stopped for the day when you achieve your maximum budget.

Say you’re willing to spend $1.50 per lead and you want to spend no further that $15.00 per day. You set your bid at $1.50 and the maximum spending budget at $15.00 and settle-back. The best thing is that all of the time your maximum bid may be much more than the offering warrants to get any given keyword or phrase and, since the bidding never requires greater than the going rate at that moment, you’re far more prone to pay significantly less than the maximum bid and generate more visitors than if each offer was at the maximum.

The idea is to position yourself as high as possible on the Pay per click offering list while looking cautiously at your competitors searching for offers which aren’t competitive with your very own. Say you’re offering a particular deal on Widgets at 5 for $100.

Looking to venture into PPC advertising, we offer you with PPC services or AdWords PPC Training in Hyderabad, Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad. Check our website for more information.


How to use Dynamic Search Ads in AdWords? How does it help for Digital Marketing Experts

Dynamic Search Ads:

Dynamic Search ads are an advanced AdWords feature that dynamically updates the Ad Text. It is different from DKI’s.

  • Both DKI and DSA dynamically updates the Ad Texts.
  • Both are advanced AdWords features.
  • Key difference is DKI uses a code and DSA does not use any code in the ad text.
  • Another Key difference is DKI uses Keywords (i.e. DKI ads does not work without Keywords) and DSA does not use Keywords.

So, if DSA does not use Keywords then how will my ads go into the auction?

To use DSA. Your site should have atleast 300 pages and 100 pages must be indexed by Google.

Logic here is something like this,

When Search Term ó Content of the Indexed page, then the ads will be triggered into auction. The system uses the Google’s search index algorithm to achieve this.

How do you create these ads?

You cannot write the headline and the Destination URL.

Digital marketing Training in Hyderabad Adonai

How to you decide the target?

Here you use Dynamic Ad Target option from the Auto Target Option and select which pages you want to allow for ads.

It can be selected in several ways.

  1. URL
  2. Page Title
  3. Page Content
  4. Categories

Note, you can add negative keywords for these campaigns so that ads will not be served when search terms include these words.

Whenever you create these ads, please create them in a new campaign. You assign bids to the dynamic ad targets.

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Troubleshooting Low CPA, Low Clicks and Low Impressions in AdWords account

Get Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad from Adonai, A Google Partner company and learn the optimization methods for an AdWords account.

Steps to build your search campaign:-

Step 1:- Select keywords which are relevant to your ads.

Step 2:- Target effectively so that you can reach potential customers.

Step 3:- Write the ad effectively.

 Lowering Cost Per Acquisition:-

  •   Do not get scared to bid high for those impressions which are likely to convert.
  • Some keywords do not work well in search because they are too expensive in search, too competitive, have low quality scores. These same keywords, when targeted to impressions with the right characteristics, may be able to provide favorable CPAs targeting.
  • We have to ignore CPC & CTR because they will not drive CPA.

Causes of low clicks:-

  • If your marketing strategy is very poor, it means we are targeting audiences who are not interested.
  • If your ads are not attractive & competitive.
  • If the keywords themes are badly constructed.
  • If you target narrow then you will get low clicks.

Causes to get low impressions:-

  • Your impressions are low in Google AdWords for a number of reasons: your keywords are not searched very often, you have a low quality keyword or your bid is too low.
  • First, the keywords you choose must be searched by Google users. If your keywords are not searched very often, of course your ads will not trigger very often. So make sure to choose keywords at high volume. You can use Google’s keyword tool to check the average monthly search volume for all keywords.
  • Second, to get impressions for your ads, you must maintain a high level of keyword quality. Examine the keywords of your ads with low impressions. If your keyword quality score is low (6 or lower), Google may not be able to show your ads very often. You will need to go back and choose more relevant keywords for your ads and the landing page of your website.
  • Third, you will need to set your max. CPC bid that is sufficiently high for your competition to be superior to ad placements. If your bid is not high enough, you will not get impressions for your Google ads. To verify, review your keywords in the Google AdWords campaign manager. Google will tell you if your bids are less than the first page bid estimate, which means your bids are too low to get impressions.

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Few tips before you start driving traffic to your content using Digital Marketing Techniques

Life in the world of Online marketing can be chaotic. Anytime content marketing is used to build a company, you will find dozens of projects that could be going on at any moment. Including creating squeeze pages, working on e-mail marketing, providing webinars, hosting podcasts, writing guest posts, releasing a book, as well as the list goes on and on.

How in the globe are you intended to focus will any of these things going on? If you do not know where to start, you do not know when you’re finished for the day, and this frequently leads to a never ending cycle to be buried under work.

Here are 4 ways to start arranging your content advertising to-do list. There are quite several dependence within the to do list and you have to determine these, otherwise, you may be wasting your time and maybe your money, also. Sending paid traffic to an internet site which has no content. Creating a paid membership website with no audience of individuals offered to. The paid membership relies upon having an audience. Writing posts with no style of capturing e-mail addresses.

The post writing is determined by having the ability to build your audience. You do not need to waste your time with the larger jobs if you do not possess the dependencies in place as you will get the best bang for the dollar. You’ve got to think about exactly what should be put in place in order for the strategy to be successful.

Identify any of those things, identify the dependencies, and after that tackle your to-do list accordingly. You’ve the items which you absolutely should have to launch new content.