Conversion Tracking in AdWords, its usage and implementation for Digital Marketing Success

Conversion definition                              

  • Conversion is the ultimate aim of what you want to achieve for your marketing goals and is the key element in paid search strategy.
  • The sales that are generated through AdWords is known as conversion. It means conversions are the measure of actions  by the user that is valuable to your business
  • Example: A sale, An option, A lead, An enquiry, A completed questionnaire, A phone call etc.

What is Conversion value?

  • Different conversions have different values, not all are equal. The more is the conversion value ,the more worth it adds to your business.
  • If you assign values to your conversions, you’ll be able to see the total value driven by your advertising across different conversions, rather than simply the number of conversions that could have happened. And you’ll be able to identify and focus on high-value conversions.

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Conversion Rate

The total number of conversions you get per total number of clicks is known as conversion rate.

Tips to improve conversion rates

  • Choose the right keywords and also add more negative keywords using the search term report.
  • Be specific and write specific Ad text.
  • Clearly state the benefits of your product or service
  • Create dedicated landing pages
  • Tell visitors exactly what they’re going to get and include a clear value proposition.

Types of conversion tracking.

Conversion tracking is used to measure your AdWords results.

Implementation : Sign in to your AdWords account. Click the Tools tab, and select Conversions from the drop-down menu.

There are four types of conversion tracking methods.

1.Website actions

2.Phone calls

3.App installs and in-app actions


Website actions

Website conversion actions determines the number of conversions you get from your Ad clicks on your website. You can track such conversions when your website visitors does the following actions:

  • When your customer pay on a third party page and may not return to your purchase confirmation page.
  • When your website visitor download an app or file etc.
  • When your customers click a referral link to another website.
  • Track phone number clicks on your mobile website.

Phone calls

Phone calls conversions determines the number of Ad clicks that led to phone calls. By tracking phone call conversions you can identify the specific keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns that drives most valuable phone calls to your business.

You can track three types of phone call conversions.

  • Calls from ads: Track calls made directly either from call-only ads or call extensions used in your ads.
  • Calls to a phone number on your website: Track calls made when someone clicks your ad and then calls a forwarding number that you display on your website.

App installs and in-app actions

App installs and in-app actions conversion tracking determines the number of Ad clicks that led to Android app installs and in-app activity and this data helps to identify the specific keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns that drives most valuable  app installs and in-app activity.

You can track conversions for both Android and iOS apps:

App installs: Measures how well your ads are leading people to install your mobile app.

In-app actions: You can automatically track in-app purchases for Android apps that use in-app billing, or you can track any in-app action.


We get this type of conversions when the customer research online and purchase offline. It gives you information about which keywords and targeting drive the most cost-effective conversions. This data can help you target and optimize your campaigns for increased profit. AdWords provides two types of offline conversion tracking methods.

AdWords Conversion Import to import conversions that you track in any other system into AdWords or started with an ad click or with a call from your ad.

AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce allows you to  automatically see when sales events that you track in Salesforce started with a click on an AdWords ad.

Conversion tracking = Productivity?

  • Conversion tracking gives the advertiser a complete view of advertising and provides information about keywords, Ads, Ad Groups, Campaigns that adds more value to the business.
  • You can understand ROI make better informed decisions about your ad spend.
  • By implementing smart bidding strategies (Eg: target CPA, enhanced CPC, and target ROAS) you can automatically optimize your campaigns according to your business goals.
  • See how many customers may be interacting with your ads on one device or browser and converting on another and implement remarketing to affinity audiences based on conversion tracking data.

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Content Optimization and its implementation cycles in Digital Marketing

Creating content for the website and advertising threads is very important to the survival of one’s company. A great deal of time and effort switches into making that content, therefore it appears a pity to utilize it only once. That is why it is extremely important to optimize your content. Digital Marketing is not just to be out there to sell, sometimes its also important to add value to the user in his buying cycle.

Content optimization is just using or converting content to be used in another format or merchandise, also known as circumstance. Circumstance is the surroundings, situation, environment, history or settings that clarify or define the content. It differs from content creation and far easier. There are four basic principles of content optimization that we’ll have a look at in the Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Reuse – the initial principle of content optimization is reusing the same content in various places. It is possible to serve the identical content up in the type of an article, and ezine article, site posts, web directories, e-mails, and so forth.

Repurpose – In this case, you use the same content in various circumstances or formats. The same content that’s presented in a teleseminar might then be prepared to a glorious demonstration, multiple articles, or multiple blog posts.

Repackage – the identical content basis may be revised and polished for distinct marketplaces. A good example of this will be using the same content from the class on teleseminars being revised into a class on book tours or internet optimization.

Recycle – the identical content could be cycled through again. This will be illustrated in a 52 week autoresponder. If there were a 5th R to these principles it’d be to Repeat.

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What is Enhanced CPC (ECPC) and how does it improve the conversion rate?

ENHANCED COST-PER-CLICK (ECPC) – Digital Marketing Training to generate more conversions.

  • It is one of the bidding features that raise your bid for those clicks which are most likely to convert from clicks to conversions.
  • ECPC is available on search and display network for text ads except in campaigns that will promote mobile app downloads.
  • For product listing ads ECPC works on only Google search
  • The Google tracks the user behavior and depending on that the bid value changes.
  • The bid (max CPC) is increases up to 30% in case the user is more likely to get conversion and simultaneously the bid value decreases even up to 100 % if there are no chances to get a conversion.

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Do you know?

  • ECPC works only if you enable conversion tracking in your account.
  • You can apply this bid optimization for entire campaigns or a particular ad group.
  • ECPC mostly focus on conversions.
  • ECPC will automatically set ad rotation setting to “optimize for conversion” even if it’s currently set as “optimize for clicks”

How to implement ECPC:-

  1. Sign into your AdWords account
  2. Select your campaigns tab, check the box for which campaign you would like to work with.
  3. Next click on bid strategy tab
  4. Select the option change bid strategy
  5. Then you are directed to settings tab.
  6. Find bid strategy and click on edit
  7. Check mark the option enable enhanced CPC , and save it.
  8. If you’re not using manual CPC  bidding for the selected campaign then choose manual CPC  bidding from the drop-down, and check the enabled enhanced CPC option, then click save.

Example 1:-

  • Business module: mobiles
  • CPC: ₹100

Suppose you sell mobiles on your site, and you have ECPC bidding turned on the AdWords system sees an auction that more likely to lead user to buy mobiles on your site, it might set your bid to ₹130 for that auction (that is, your ₹100 max CPC bid plus 30 % more) ECPC: ₹130. And in case the click is not likely to get a lead then bid value drops down, sometimes even to 100%.

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Digital Marketing Efficiency and its effectiveness in todays world

With the intensive improvement of communications there appeared a lot of diverse definitions of advertising. Regardless of the definition, marketing is considered the distinctive function of business. Currently no successful business is possible without effective marketing. Among the corner stones of company Philip Kotler defines advertising as human activity fond of gratifying wants and needs through exchange procedures.

The advertising activities generally include researching the market, new product development, The life cycle of a product management, pricing, channel management and promotion. Two most noticeable goals of advertising are the acquisition of new clients as well as the preservation of the existing ones. Learn the Digital Marketing Skills from experts in our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad program at Adonai.

The potency of digital marketing could be quantified and assessed in numbers of new clients and new services purchased by the existing ones. Regardless of this, there are facets of digital marketing effectiveness that can’t be quantified. The status of a business, its capacity to remain in the frontier of the consumer mind will also be considered the standards for testing promotion success.

In today’s fast paced competitive company world measuring marketing performance is vital to set future company goals, monitor development, evaluate performance and align targets and tactics. To help companies prosper marketers use analytic data to assess, recommend, implement and measure advertising initiatives, which could propel the advertising value of the company.

Advertising success is quantified by specific performance metrics, which offer insights into better performance direction. Some factors within the promotion framework contribute to improving performance direction. They include aligning tasks and resources with methods and goals, linking advertising performance to economic efficiency, creating and sustaining advertising team responsibility, integrating and perfecting cross functional spending, and enhancing the effectiveness of marketing activities.

Many digital marketing analysts argue that advertising efficiency is inherently uncertain because it’s challenging to say what’s measured. Without well defined performance metrics it’s problematic to answer the question how a marketers determine the value of an advertising campaign.

Marketing performance metrics vary depending on whether the goal is to evaluate efficiency for customer or business to business businesses. To identify the efficiency of both advertising communications such metrics as media results evaluation, integrated marketing communications tracking and client satisfaction tracking are frequently employed. Other leading edge advertising efficiency metrics are brand equity and client equity analyses.

Depending upon the situation different companies can concentrate on various kinds of metrics. Therefore, efficiency metrics are targeted at explaining the cost to perform advertising tasks or campaigns, i.e. Staff hours per project as well as cycle time per project. Program metrics are utilized to measure effectiveness by comparing the expenses and results.

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Objection Handling in AdWords, A must read for every AdWords Expert


  • A request for more information, an excuse, a buying signal, counter-tactic to face a push.


  1. Google AdWords is too expensive
  2. How to assure that the ROI is good?
  3. Do i competitive with a small budget?
  4. More Marketing Budget
  5. My product / service is very niche
  6. Is not the market too saturated?
  7. I am already in the free lists
  8. Had a bad experience earlier
  9. Do it myself, no need to outsource
  10. My company is word of mouth
  11. My business is seasonal, bad weather now
  12. I want to have the first position
  13. I do not want to pay irrelevant clicks
  14. My Customers do not click on Ads

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Only 30% of SMEs have an advertising budget. Two-thirds (67%) of non-advertised SMEs believe that advertising is “too expensive”. In addition, 66% think it is “financially risky”.

Do you know?

With AdWords, you can reach more potential customers who are already looking or interested in your service. You can effectively control expenses and also track returns. If your return on investment is positive, then you must continue for even greater returns.


The percentage of people who buy goods and services online is increasing drastically. This depends on the lifetime value of your business per customer.

 Example 1:

A locksmith who charges $ 70 to unlock a car, has a driving expense to site and tools might not benefit as much from conversion the PPC that costs $ 30.

For a small business, AdWords can be a very effective method for generating traffic, marketing your product and ultimately getting increased sales.

Example 2:

A hand plumber who does a drain job for $ 250 with $ 200 of profit in it will benefit from a conversion that costs $ 50. Considering CPC at $ 5 and conversion rate of 10%.


In AdWords, you do not need to hunt customers to grow your business rather than joining you because AdWords is a perfect platform where you can be visible at the right time, the right people in the right place on the right device and you only pay when someone clicks on your Ad. Therefore, even for a small business, the public can be very potentially customers


Spending an extra £ 1 on advertising would benefit an SME nearly eight times more compared to its size than the £ 1 equivalent spent by a larger company.


Today in the world of the Internet and smart phones, it is not very wise to rely on offline marketing. Through online marketing, you can reach the mass audience and engage to them in real time, make their brand advocate in less time compared to offline.

Do you know?

People are spending more of their time consuming digital media than any other format. This is contrary to advertising investments which are still more offline focused.


People often start their journey online when you looking to source items. One of the easiest ways to find new articles is to pay attention to your local community at various events and see if they are already online. You can do this by creating one or through the affiliate program with someone else and you do it on their behalf.

  • Saturation is not limited to the creation of new similar cases.
  • Few companies create large groups so they can cut them into smaller units, then aggressively promote them individually at the same time.
  • To find a specific market for your product, you must learn from the existing market so that there is no saturation in online marketing.
  • I am already listed in organic search results, so I do not   invest money in paid search.
  • Making paid search would help to get incremental clicks. Gets more visibility, creates brand value & Increases confidence factor.

Do you know?

  • Paid links can generate significant incremental traffic.
  • Sponsored links on Google can generate 89% of incremental visits to an site. 81% of Ad clicks are incremental when organic search results are in 2nd and 4th positions for an organic position of 5 or less, 96% of ad clicks are incremental.
  • AdWords is a profit-oriented marketing. If you do not do more than what you have spent, it is a loss
  • You must follow suit / estimate your profit.

Are all your online sales properly tracked?

  1. Do you receive calls from AdWords visitors? How do you attribute them? (Do you use the Google forwarding number?)

AdWords will only work if your business offers value to customers. (The best price, the best quality, the best service, all those, etc.), and articulate it in the correct way.

If you bid on the basis of a single sale, and your competitors bid on a part of the value of your life, that’s a problem. If you have addressed these issues and you are losing money on AdWords, I would say this:

(1.) Your campaign is not well managed. Get a Google professional partner company (Eg: – Adonai Advertising) to do it.

(2.) Your value propositions are not convincing enough compared to your competitors.

  • It is advisable to outsource work that you are not specialized in.  You can also look in terms of time. For example: your time can be worth $ 20 an hour. If you can use someone to do something for $ 10 an hour while you are concentrating on a task of $ 20 an hour, you still make $ 10 an hour.
  • If you still want to do it yourself, get well trained before you experiment.
  • Are your customers looking for you on the Internet? If so, you must be available for them to locate you. It would help you reach more people and get more leads.
  • Online presence is very important in today’s world, since everyone uses the Internet to search for the things they need.
  • You can enjoy seasonal businesses through AdWords.
  • Generally, during the non season you can sell the products by promoting them or by giving offers.
  • Competitors to your business may not actively participate during the non-season. So, through ad scheduling, remarketing  and many other AdWords features, you can always get leads with less investment.

Google gives the best position to your ad by taking into account the quality score and maximum CPC as well as the impact of ad extensions.

The quality score depends on three parameters:

  1. CTR (click through rate),
  2. Ad Copy Relevance,
  3. Quality of the landing page.

Google rewards advertisers with a good quality score by charging them less but still giving the same position


You can eliminate search terms that lead to irrelevant clicks by considering some parameters:

  1. Add them to the negative keyword list.
  2. Reduction of broad match keywords.
  3. Narrower contextual targeting (location, time to search, device).
  4. Mobile Optimization
  5. Intelligent bid management
  6. Enable conversion tracking.

The reasons are as follows:

  • The position of the Ad is low or the Ad is not attractive.
  • Select the keywords you want to target. Think from the point of view of the user. What he could type if he is looking for your product.
  • Write an ad that includes the keywords, which will improve the CTR

Have a user-friendly landing page. There should be relevance between keywords> ads> landing page.

Add irrelevant keywords as negatives. You can always use the conversion driven approach for your campaigns.


What Experts doesn’t know: Demographic Bidding is available on Search Network too.

Demographic Bidding is a feature in Google AdWords that helps advertisers target their ads to customers based on gender and age. It helps advertisers reach the right audience at the right time if used properly. We at Adonai, train the candidates on a real time account in our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad Program.

Often times, AdWords Experts think that demographic Bidding is only available for display network campaigns. They know that Search network uses keyword based targeting only (excluding Dynamic Search Ads and Shopping Campaigns).

What is surprising is that most of the experts does not know that Google AdWords allows advertisers to use demographic Bidding even for search network campaigns.  They are RLSA for search network.


RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads) means showing ads to users who have visited your site and are on your already remarkeitng list and know your brand or service. These people now search for keywords related to your business may be in a broader way.

You can club RLSA campaigns with demographic Bidding and target the existing audience based on their gender. RLSA is the great combination of demographic bidding, remarketing, and keyword based targeting. Here’s how and why it works.

Demographic bidding: These users are qualified buyers (i.e., they can afford to buy your products and services).
Remarketing: These are the people who have recently visited your website.
Keyword targeting: These people are searching and are ready to buy your products/services right now!

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A look back on the discontinued Google’s Affiliate Network Program

Among search engines online, Google became probably the frequently used search engines used than others and knowing this fact lots of marketers or advertisers are interested in being a AdWords Affiliate. Google is so popular due to its easy to use web site and also due to the relevant searches which appears on it each time a user attempts to search for information.

With the AdWords marketing program that is much known to network entrepreneurs, you can promote you website or your products and services on-line that will create web traffic and as soon as you have created web site traffic to your online website, then more than likely you may have more prospects after you.

Google AdWords Affiliate Network - Adonai Advertising
Google AdWords Affiliate Network – Adonai Advertising

Another trivia is that AdWords Affiliate program is occasionally called as AdWords Referral Program which is where you will refer businesses who’re intrigued in being part of the AdWords marketing program. The recommendation program works as an affiliate program, but the difference is that being part of the Google affiliate program, you’d been only around to place information or links of the network marketers intrigued in joining Google marketing software rather than to endorse or promote Google’s services. For network entrepreneurs, being part of the Google marketing program or let’s just say AdWords Affiliate, you can endorse your on-line web site through this chance.

Before making your first advertisement, you have to make sure to read all recommendations that have been written extensively to ensure you understood everything. To make your ads read once in a while in order that you could generate prospects, you first have to remember an essential idea for making your keywords effective.

Be sure that keywords that you have may be maximum important and it should be targeted, if you find it difficult to generate an effective keyword\/s you can use certain tools online to help you generate one – you can try either Digital Point’s Keyword Suggestion Tool or Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Learn these keyword research techniques in our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad program.

As soon as you produced a keyword you may attempt to track or analyze it for the next following days. Once you’ve already signed up to be a AdWords Affiliate, you were to concentrate on the way to generate prospects. Prospects are very different from clients since the latter are the ones who’re already paying for your services.

But Google decision to discontinue was hard to people as they were making revenue by referring prospects that would go on to use the AdWords platform to promote their product. Google said, people can now use the Adsense feature to continue with making revenue with website.


Importance of Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms

While looking to put up an online marketing existence, Facebook and Twitter became the go-to networks for reaching out to customers along with shaping branding, with LinkedIn close on their heels. However, Yahoo Video, Vimeo, Google Video, Daily Movement along with other online video platforms should not be underestimated as feasible advertising instruments. Lately, Greg Jarboe, president and co creator of SEO-PR, declared that most Americans see YouTube videos greater than they search Google. Video is 50 times much more likely to get an initial page Google ranking when compared to a text page.

Such info makes video ESSENTIAL to any digital marketing strategy. The value of online video as opposed to Television spots is enormous. Unlike Television, online media may be tracked- showing how many people viewed, how long they saw along with what brought them to the video in the first place. Such metrics provide valuable info on consumer demographics. Consumers may comment on videos directly, offering instant feedback. Your video must be focused for the consumer demographics, right down to colour selections and song. Despite the fact that it costs far less to make an online video than a Television advertisement, don’t make it look like it costs less.

You need viewers to recall your video along with share it, so make it top quality, intriguing and transparent. Consumers may be searching for videos that show what people actually think about your merchandise along with give insight into the workings of one’s company. Exactly like other social network platforms which have broken down boundaries between customer and supplier, your videos must make prospective clients seem like you are willing to share everything. As with all marketing tools, do not rest your entire marketing, plan online video. Online video marketing must be part of your overall approach and should be incorporated into it.

The beauty of digital media is how easy it’s for consumers to share via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn along with other networks, and you must be sharing it, too. Once you create the usual video, promote it on all of your media platforms. Monitor the video the same manner you’d monitor other social network accounts response to responses and delete offensive or spammy posts. You can even think about asking users to submit their very own videos along with post a few to share. Do not be left behind. Put on your representative hat and allow the ACTION! begin.

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GOMC for Undergraduates to gain Digital Marketing experience in Hyderabad

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is just a distinguishing opportunity for students to experience and create online marketing campaigns using AdWords and Google+. Over 80, 000 students and professors from nearly 100 countries have participated in the previous 7 years. With a $250 AdWords advertisements spending budget supplied by Google, participants develop and run an online marketing campaign for a business or nonprofit organization over a 3 week period.

The teams that develop and convey the most successful campaigns win great prizes, including trips to Google offices. They are also provided a chance to take part in the elective Google+ Social Media Marketing class by making and managing  a Google+ Page for their customers over a five week period.

This is open to teams of 3 to six members from undergraduate instruction or graduate programs, irrespective of their major. All pupils should register under a confirmed faculty member, lecturer or teacher currently utilized by an approved college institute.

Please note that, there would be one overall Global Winner, also there’s one winner from each one of the regions. The team may also receive computing devices, along with a few other prizes. The teams may also receive processing devices, as well as other awards. Students form teams of 3-6 members and make a Team Captain. The Team Captain registers under the professor occurred, who in turn supports each pupil team by clicking on a confirmation link sent via e-mail after the team registers.

GOMC is a nice way for undergraduates to learn the Digital Marketing knowledge while working practically on a real time business. They get hands on exposure on the AdWords and the experience required to manage the AdWords accounts.

Adonai being a Google Partner, have helped several colleges and students participate in the challenge and make their profile even better. We help then with Google AdWords Certification which would add value in their hunt for Digital Marketing job. If you are excited to make a career in Digital Marketing, then join our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad which offers robust knowledge.


Do you know that you can track visitors on websites created through Google Sites?

Curious where your site’s traffic is coming from or how people navigate around your site? You can add Google Analytics to your Google site to help monitor your site’s traffic: 

Linking your Google Analytics account and your Google Site

  1. After you create your new Google Analytics account, you will be directed to you Google Analytics profile screen, where the name of your tracked site should appear, followed by a Google Analytics account number in the format, ‘UA-XXXXXXXX-X.’ Copy this code — known as your Analytics Web Property ID — and go to the site that you want to track with Google Analytics.

  2. On your Google site, click the More Actions drop-down menu and select Manage Site.

  3. Under the Site Settings section, click General.

  4. Click the box next to Enable Google Analytics for this site and then enter your Analytics Web Property ID in the associated box.

  5. Click “Save changes.”

    Note: A Google site is a website that has been created using the website www.sites, To learn more of these subjects, you may consider joining Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad from us.

    Please reach out to us, if you have any question on AdWords and we will surely help you with them. We have been managing accounts for a very long time now and know the Google Insiders. You can enroll for the Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad Program and get to learn more of these features in detail. Also, if you wish to learn only AdWords Campaign Management, you may join our AdWords Training in Hyderabad program with us.