Google Ads Interview Questions

Accenture PPC AdWords Interview Questions Part 2

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Accenture Interview Questions for AdWords/PPC roles – PART 2.

If you are applying for Accenture interview and trying to find the type of questions that are asked during your interview rounds. Answer all these questions before you even think of taking the shot. We teach digital marketing to our cohorts in a way that by the time they complete the bootcamp, they will be ready for any digital marketing interview. Moreover, we guarantee 100% placements to all those students who complete the immersive bootcamp course. You will be able to answer anything related to digital marketing vertical.

  1. What is budget delivery and over delivery? Describe each type.
  2. What are bid strategies? What’s the difference between eCPC & tCPA? Which advertiser would use eCPC and not tCPA?
  3. what all the Ad group settings we have
  4. geo-targeting
  5. setup re-marketing campaigns
  6. what is AES file in AdWords editor
  7. Benefits of having a brand campaign in an account
  8. How to setup call conversion and website call conversion tracking.
  9. Portfolio bid strategies in AdWords
  10. How to do bid optimizations in the account
  11. How to setup conversion tracking
  12. Conversion Rate and cost per conversion formula.
  13. How to optimize ad copy for higher CTR.
  14. How to use Ad Customizers, Countdown functions.
  15. Can we change the Ad copies on to users based on their previous visit to our website and device.
  16. What are value track parameters. How to use them?
  17. How to do remarketing only to those users who visited our website from Facebook.
  18. What are MCF reports.
  19. What is previous page path in Analytics.
  20. What is a session, source, medium in analytics.
  21. How to implement DKI in landing pages.
  22. Remarketing based on dates, and different sources.
  23. What is manual tagging. How to tag visitors coming from Facebook to our website.
  24. How to troubleshoot the issues behind drastic drop in CTR
  25. What is negative farming.
  26. What is more important Conversion rate and Conversion volume.
  27. About different scenarios of conversion rates
  28. How to expand the accounts and spend additional budget
  29. About all CP’ s
  30. Remarketing experience. How RLSA works.
  31. Ad copy optimizing
  32. Types of extensions and benefits in CTR.
  33. How to find duplicate keywords in AdWords account.
  34. CPA optimization.
  35. Stability about experience in diff domains.