Conversion Tracking in AdWords, its usage and implementation for Digital Marketing Success

Conversion definition                              

  • Conversion is the ultimate aim of what you want to achieve for your marketing goals and is the key element in paid search strategy.
  • The sales that are generated through AdWords is known as conversion. It means conversions are the measure of actions  by the user that is valuable to your business
  • Example: A sale, An option, A lead, An enquiry, A completed questionnaire, A phone call etc.

What is Conversion value?

  • Different conversions have different values, not all are equal. The more is the conversion value ,the more worth it adds to your business.
  • If you assign values to your conversions, you’ll be able to see the total value driven by your advertising across different conversions, rather than simply the number of conversions that could have happened. And you’ll be able to identify and focus on high-value conversions.

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Conversion Rate

The total number of conversions you get per total number of clicks is known as conversion rate.

Tips to improve conversion rates

  • Choose the right keywords and also add more negative keywords using the search term report.
  • Be specific and write specific Ad text.
  • Clearly state the benefits of your product or service
  • Create dedicated landing pages
  • Tell visitors exactly what they’re going to get and include a clear value proposition.

Types of conversion tracking.

Conversion tracking is used to measure your AdWords results.

Implementation : Sign in to your AdWords account. Click the Tools tab, and select Conversions from the drop-down menu.

There are four types of conversion tracking methods.

1.Website actions

2.Phone calls

3.App installs and in-app actions


Website actions

Website conversion actions determines the number of conversions you get from your Ad clicks on your website. You can track such conversions when your website visitors does the following actions:

  • When your customer pay on a third party page and may not return to your purchase confirmation page.
  • When your website visitor download an app or file etc.
  • When your customers click a referral link to another website.
  • Track phone number clicks on your mobile website.

Phone calls

Phone calls conversions determines the number of Ad clicks that led to phone calls. By tracking phone call conversions you can identify the specific keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns that drives most valuable phone calls to your business.

You can track three types of phone call conversions.

  • Calls from ads: Track calls made directly either from call-only ads or call extensions used in your ads.
  • Calls to a phone number on your website: Track calls made when someone clicks your ad and then calls a forwarding number that you display on your website.

App installs and in-app actions

App installs and in-app actions conversion tracking determines the number of Ad clicks that led to Android app installs and in-app activity and this data helps to identify the specific keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns that drives most valuable  app installs and in-app activity.

You can track conversions for both Android and iOS apps:

App installs: Measures how well your ads are leading people to install your mobile app.

In-app actions: You can automatically track in-app purchases for Android apps that use in-app billing, or you can track any in-app action.


We get this type of conversions when the customer research online and purchase offline. It gives you information about which keywords and targeting drive the most cost-effective conversions. This data can help you target and optimize your campaigns for increased profit. AdWords provides two types of offline conversion tracking methods.

AdWords Conversion Import to import conversions that you track in any other system into AdWords or started with an ad click or with a call from your ad.

AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce allows you to  automatically see when sales events that you track in Salesforce started with a click on an AdWords ad.

Conversion tracking = Productivity?

  • Conversion tracking gives the advertiser a complete view of advertising and provides information about keywords, Ads, Ad Groups, Campaigns that adds more value to the business.
  • You can understand ROI make better informed decisions about your ad spend.
  • By implementing smart bidding strategies (Eg: target CPA, enhanced CPC, and target ROAS) you can automatically optimize your campaigns according to your business goals.
  • See how many customers may be interacting with your ads on one device or browser and converting on another and implement remarketing to affinity audiences based on conversion tracking data.

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