Difference between Google Partner Training Institute to a Normal Digital Marketing Institute?

  1. You get to work real time on a Live AdWords accounts.
  2. You get to interact with clients and be a part of the kick off calls with clients.
  3. Optimize the accounts, and suggest strategies for business and execute them.
  4. Get Practical experience and become a matured Digital Marketer.
  5. Get global exposure by working on several business models.
  6. Apply for internships in-house and start your journey with a Google Partner.

This is the reason Adonai has 800+ placements in Accenture, MNC’s. 

Google Partner Agencies have teams of Digital Marketing professionals or online marketing consultants certified in a wide range of Google products or Tools. By Being a Google Partner, these agencies are supposed to get access to different levels of trainings and support, and invitation to events, industry research, product updates and much more. Areas of certifications include Display Advertising, Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Ads,Shopping and Analytics.

Furthermore they work closely with the clients to grow their business and to achieve their Goals in terms of profits and ROI in a proposed advertising Budget. They were supposed to deliver results through Search Engine Marketing, Display Network and Google Analytics.

Since it is assumed that in most cases, Small Business owners are not aware of how to set up campaigns, how to create adgroups, select keywords, extensive reporting, billing, etc., At this point of time, these agencies with their skills and expertise, become handy a to gain a most powerful competitive advantage to promote business online.

To maintain their agency status, they keep their Google credentials up to date. They can also offer monthly training on the latest Google updates to their staff. Moreover, they can also allow their customers to get access to the campaign features that are generally not accessible outside the agency partner relationship.

If you wish to learn more on partner status requirements, please follow the link as provided here:

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