What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing?

What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing? But before getting into deep on that aspect, let me define what is Digital Marketing and how it plays a key role in achieving the desired goals for the Business owners using the internet for promotion.

Please note, Digital Marketing is very essential for every business. What ever can go online is going online. That is the exact reason as to why Reliance launched JIO, willing to give access to internet to every indian and bring them online and connect to the businesses and make their life easy and simple. If interested to take Digital Marketing Training, we welcome you to our Head office in Somajiguda and our branch office in Ameerpet, so we can help you with more information.

Generally, majority of the people trend to create a website for their Business to promote their products and services in a most conventional fashion. Of course, Business owners, make use of website as part of Digital Marketing. Furthermore, it can be used as a powerful marketing tool as it is open to the world 24 hours a day, 7days a week. Notably, you can create and upload good quality content, photos, video and audio to your website which is much like a catalog or online brochure or online business card as part your promotional campaign.

Regardless of coding knowledge, with the list of tools available, one can easily create websites using wordpress or blogger and make it popular in Search Engines. But for any business to survive in this fierce competition, they need to understand the audience purchasing behaviour online to deliver them the best. Save printing and distribution costs by opting for online marketing. Any way I am not discussing about how to create a website and its importance.

Digital Marketing can make use of all the available digital channels. It can make use of Email, Website, SEO, social media, paid advertising like creating PPC campaigns in Google AdWords, blogs, video and audio, content marketing, etc, to promote products or services or to improve brand awareness. It differs much from traditional marketing which uses radio, Television, print media, and billboard ads. Advertising through traditional forms proves to be expensive, and also it makes it hard to access the qualitative and quantitative data on audience preferences, characteristics and their behaviour.

Though Digital Marketing forms an integral part of your company marketing strategies, for one reason or another, it is like a big umbrella in which you locate Internet Marketing that includes Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

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