100% Practicals & Real-Time

Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp

Marketing without JavaScript skills will be mediocre. Learn high-end tracking, performance and targeting skills on a live eCommerce website.

Working Hard? But Never Getting Ahead? Bootcamp is for you!

450+ Hours & 36+ Modules
Complete Practicals & Implementations

New Cohort Starts on 27nd February

Ideas start differently and spread rapidly in the digital world. At Measure Marketer, we help bring them to life. Check the Curriculum.

Learn Advanced strategies i.e. Enhanced eCommerce Tracking, Google Tag Manager, Scripts in Google Ads, Cross Domain Tracking, Custom Dimensions, Dynamic Remarketing, Cross Channel Remarketing, Value Ladders, Attribution Models, Multi-Channel Funnels. eCommerce Tracking, dataLayers, Conversion Paths, Custom JavaScripts, Dynamic Attributes and much more advanced digital marketing stuff.

You will Learn:

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Digital Marketing Institutes in India offering Digital Marketing Courses has just become a place where they hire trainers and teach just like another course in the market. They don’t have high spending Google or FB Ad accounts with them. They are not helping real-time clients. You can never make a career from such kind of useless trainings.

  • Understand you don’t need more data, instead better data.
  • You would Learn to avoid ‘Analysis Paralysis’.
  • Learn to pull the insights out of data.
  • You learn to ask the questions that matter for business growth.

In this bootcamp, you will implement all the digital marketing strategies for a live eCommerce website. Install GTM, Google Analytics, FB pixel, Twitter Pixel, Custom Codes, Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing using dataLayers, enhanced eCommerce tracking and Custom parameters and more.

  • Remember Averages Lie – Look for Absolute Numbers.
  • Digital Marketing is Data Driven Marketing.
  • Real-Time Insights Bootcamp – Making it happen.
  • Gain Skills equivalent to 5-10 years after Completion of bootcamp.

The World of Technology is growing so fast that we can't move with the same pace and expect to reach the goals. We need to be prepared with the growth strategies. This does not happen when you learn digital marketing tools and platforms. Put on the mindset of Growth and Growth Hacking. This Concept of Growth Hacking goes beyond digital marketing. 

  • Growth rate is more important for business than conversion rate.
  • Learn to become a Growth Hacker.
  • Real-Time Insights Bootcamp – Growth Stories
  • Read Founder and CEO stories.

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Finest Digital Marketing Bootcamp in India

100% Practicals & Real-Time Training

Learn Digital Marketing the right way i.e. complete practically. You will create live campaigns with Google Ads, FB Ads. Implement high-end measurement strategies on live website with GTM.

Learn Enhaned eCommerce Tracking

Master the most complex enhanced eCommerce tracking and complex measurement skills by working on a live eCommerce website. Gain experience like 10+ yrs digital marketing professional.

Most High-End Measurement Skills

Upon completion of this marketing & measurement bootcamp, you'll implement tracking stuff that most 10+ years experienced digital marketers can't implement. Become a real marketer, a Measure Marketer.

Data-First, Data Driven Marketing Decisions

Learn high-end web analytics implementations, customised Google Analytics, GTM & Custom JavaScript implementations. Capture Actionable data with Macro and Micro conversions goals for optimization.

Advanced Optimization Strategies

Performance & Optimization

Learn crucial performance marketing skills and create a multi channel funnel strategy to drives incremental sales and revenues. Learn to Track all the Micro Conversions and Macro Conversions.

Learn performance optimization

Drive Better Results

Tracking & Measurement​

Tracking is the heart of succesful optimization. Learn to collect all the important data points to scale campaigns. Understand you don’t need more data, instead better data.

Learn tracking & measurement

Say 'NO' to Marketing Mediocrity
Become a Measure Marketer.

Learn to Track all the Micro Conversions and Macro Conversions using web analytics. You will create your own website and run campaigns for your website. All these things are not easy and you can't learn them unless you practice and implement them over and over again. Many have a marketing plan, few have a follow up plan.

Understand Key Metrics: ROAS, Positive ROAS, Maximum CPA and setting realistic Google Ads Goals and Budget calculations. Learn to define the KPI's and plan on how to achieve the defined KPI's and business goals.

Note: Growth is a mindset. Growth hacking is an art and Digital is a tool.

Choose 'CAREER' Over 'COURSE'
India's Only Digital Marketing UpSkill Program.

Don't just learn the interface and navigation. Most digital marketers are struggling to run successful campaigns since they don't have the required skills and experience.

There is a new trend in the market today you can create and sell courses. Learning from such gurus will leave you no where.

If every self proclaimed guru has a solution than why can't they work with companies and solve their problems. they want to just teach a course and take no responsibility.

Teaching others to drive when they are learning to shift gears will only make bad drivers on roads.

Learn With International Students
Acquire Skills like 10+ years of Exp.

Want to know a secret? Growth is really, really, hard. And sometimes, you just need to talk to someone who's "been there and done that." Our goal is to help you become a better digital marketer .

Make Bootcamp Work For You, your Business, and For your Career. Don’t Wait For a Right Time, It’s High Time.

It's an intense and aspirational program for people who wish to learn the most complex digital marketing implementations. Basic stuff isn't going to help you in the long run. What is easy is not scalable and same applies with learning as well.

5-6 hours a day – Bootcamp Program. Only Practicals. Learn to mix programming with marketing for better results.

Attribution Tracking

No Course in India teaches Google Tag Manager. It's the Biggest Measurement Tool in Marketer's Arsenal

99% of digital marketing course creators in India don’t know the real difference between web analytics, Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM). They teach digital marketing without even covering Google Analytics and GTM. Remember, interpretation is the key to marketing success.

They just copy each other. Monkey see, monkey do. I am taking about people who speak at digital marketing conferences and just sell their basic courses which does not even touch the most advanced eCommerce topics.

Master the Core Marketing Platforms and
JavaScript to Become a Growth Marketer

Google Ads Training

Google Ads


Google Tag Manager Training


FB Ads



Why Measurement Bootcamp is Special?

80% of people who join the bootcamp are experienced digital marketers. Marketing + JavaScript skills have redefined the way digital marketing is done and measured. Without them, you can’t track important user actions. Digital marketers without these skills are becoming irrelevant. "What you can’t measure, you cant market."

Read Institute v/s Bootcamp

Institutes are not marketing companies and they don't teach you advanced eCommerce stuff.

Download Bootcamp Brochure

Check the measurement bootcamp brochure to get a sneak-peak into the program and functioning.

Download Bootcamp Syllabus

A 80 page syllabus book that covers most complex and advanced marketing strategies and JS programming skills

Watch now - 2min

Master the core marketing tools & JS to become a growth marketer

Track The Entire Conversion Path
Implement Multi-Channel Funnels

Don't just learn to find solutions instead learn to create solutions to web analytics issues. Understand the whole browser technology and front end concepts. Create end-to-end measurement strategies for your marketing plans. Remember, different channels work together in driving the conversion.

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Prashanth Reniguntala

3 months of hard work will put you 5 years ahead.

Bootcamp was never conceived to just train as many people as possible using all the marketing techniques and drive volume. It was conceived for those experienced digital marketers who lack real skills are have no way out.

We want to redefine the whole marketing and measurement game and this is possible if we upskill the experienced marketers and that what makes the whole bootcamp thing possible.

What you’ll learn is something that 8+ years experienced marketers don’t exhibit.

Prashanth Reniguntala - Founder, CEO - Measure Marketer


We are trusted by over 3500+ experienced marketers on YouTube.

Make Digital Marketing work for you, your business, and for your career. Don’t wait for a right time or a right day to come. It’s high time.

Google Ads & PPC

Master Google AdWords, PPC, SEM concepts by running a successful ‘Dollar-a-day’ campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter for a live business website and track conversions.


Facebook Ads & SMM

Master Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & other social channels by running successful ‘Dollar-a-day’ campaigns. Understand different features & targeting options that each of these social marketing platforms.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Mastery Module covers all SEM techniques to promote a website on search engines to drive more conversions and Revenues. Understand the whole intent based marketing approaches.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Module helps you to understand the user behavior on your website and identify top conversion paths and optimize website


Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is one of the most important tools in a marketers arsenal. Learn most advanced GTM strategies & redefine the way marketing is done


SEO & XPaths

Search Engine Optimization Mastery Module offers in-depth hands on experience on on-page and off-page SEO strategies for a website


YouTube & Video Marketing

Video & YouTube Marketing Module highlights the importance of using video and motion to increase brand awareness and brand recall


Display Marketing

Display Marketing Modules covers all the concepts to implement an effective branding strategy for a website on Google Display Network.


Ad Servers & Ad Exchanges

Ad Servers Modules covers the importance of Servers for both publishers and advertisers to manage their ad campaigns and ad inventory


Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Modules cover all the optimization techniques that improves the conversion rate of the website in real time


Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization Modules highlights all the important things and ideas that turn a normal website into a highly converting website


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Module covers all concepts of affiliate marketing techniques and platforms and identifying the right product niches


Mobile & App Marketing

Mobile & App Marketing Modules covers all the mobile and app strategies to increase the install volume and app engagement techniques


Email Marketing

Email Marketing Modules covers all the email marketing essentials to drive traffic, brand loyalty and engage the present customers & marketing automation


WordPress & Website Creation

Website Creation & WordPress Module focuses on website creation using WordPress and all the plugins that WordPress website effective


DoubleClick for Publishers

DoubleClick for Publishers Module teaches how publishers can monetize their website or APP inventory to SSPs, DSPs, Ad Exchange


Marketing Automation

Use marketing automation to automate the routine and redundant tasks with email automation with zapier and its many integrations with 3rd party apps


Campaign Manager

Campaign Trafficking covers all concepts related to setting up an ad campaign and targeting criteria, tag creations, serving and reporting


Zapier & Webhook Integrations

Learn zapier and how to integrate all your marketing efforts and automate most of the repeated work and become more responsive


JavaScript for Marketers

Learn JavaScript skills that are required to implement advanced measurement and tracking strategies. How data can be scraped from website and transferred to marketing & analytics platforms


Regular Expressions Tutorial

Regular expressions are an important part of data analysis and reporting. ALong with Javascript, regular expressions provides the additional edge to perform complex analysis and reporting.


Adv. Troubleshooting for Growth

Learn to troubleshoot different optimization levers and find drive incremental revenues and ROIs. Learn complex debugging techniques.


Funnel and Drop Off Analysis

Funnel and drop off analysis is curcial for every marketers to drive more conversions, conversion rates and optimize the lead/purchase experience of the user throughout his purchase journey 


Advanced Facebook Pixel Strategies

Facebook targeting and optimization is always second rated wtihout pixel. Learn to make facebook work for you and your business and drive higher ROIs and create laser targeted audiences



data layer is a JavaScript object that is used to pass information from your website to your Tag Manager container. GTM will become ineffective without dataLayers.


Data Collection Strategies

Improve your data collection skills and learn to send data points that matter to your business bottomline. Learn JS skills required to enhanced your data collection skills


Complex Remarketing Strategies

Learn to implement cross channel, cross device, upsell and time bound and engagement based remarketing lists. Learn to setup remarketing funnels to drive conversions and recall.



No Discount

Only 6 people per cohort

This program includes:

Training 5 or more from agency?

Please write an email to admission@training.measuremarketer.com

Learn Skills for your Tomorrow.

Underperforming? Scared? Master skills like a 10+ experienced digital marketer. It's the only upskill program for exp. marketers in India.

Still Not Convinced
About the Measurement Bootcamp?

Please know, 70% of people who enroll into the measurement bootcamp
are experienced digital marketers. Experienced marketers trust us
to help them in their persuit of upskill.

What do I get in the program?

Apply for '7 Day No Questions Asked Access' to Bootcamp
Get access to the bootcamp for 7 days in our state of the art premise and see the measurement bootcamp in action. Remember, institutes its activity, bootcamp its action.
Schedule a 45 minute Call with the program director?

Have any doubts? Want to more information about the program? Let's schedule a 45 minute call with our program director to unlock the full value of Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

Trusted by Over 3500+ Experienced Digital Marketers on YouTube

YouTube channels on digital marketing are 'dime a dozen'. However, there is no other YouTube channel that creates such high-end content like we do in India. Don't believe us? Watch them!

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30+ Google Analytics Playlist Videos

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50+ Google Ads (PPC) Playlist Videos

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25+ Videos on eCommerce Tracking

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20+ Advanced Facebook Pixel Videos

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Learn Programming + Marketing
Say 'YES' to Measure Marketing

At MeasureMarketer, you'll learn how to scale winning campaigns "horizontally" and "vertically". Analyze the customers journey to purchase & learn to ask the questions that matter.

Our Measure Tools

dataLayer Builder Tool

Data Layer Object Builder Tool for Web Measurement

dataLayer is the most important part of the GTM. Without dataLayer GTM is ineffective.

Facebook Pixel Mastery Course

Facebook Pixel Event Code Generator Tool

Facebook Pixel is the most importnat part of Facebook Advertising.

Regex Numerci Range Generator Tool

ReGex Numeric Range Generator Tool for Customer Segmentation​

Regular Epressions is important for people who are working on Google Analytics.