Effectiveness of Remarketing for Digital Marketing success.

Learn Remarketing practically in our Digital Marketing Course Training in Hyderabad and use this wonderful feature for our Digital Marketing campaigns.

Remarketing is considered as one of the remarkable feature of Google AdWords. It allows advertisers to reach their existing customers or visitors with a new message. However, it is not recommended for someone who just started off with Digital Marketing.  Since to implement remarketing you must first capture the visitors who make visit your website. If you can’t capture them, you will not be able to implement remarketing.

In simple words, remarketing is doing cross selling. Cross selling is a process of selling the products to existing customers. Here we don’t reach out to new customers; we reach the existing customers with a new message with the intent of gaining trust or converting them into your customers.

Lot of my clients say, that we don’t want to do paid marketing right away. We want to first start with Search engine optimization (SEO) and then after 3-4 months, we will try our hands on Google AdWords. While I completely agree with them, I recommend them to at least implement remarketing for their website by placing a small remarketing code on their website (All pages of the website). It costs them nothing. But this would allow google to capture the visitors who come to their site so they can be reached in future.

Once the remarketing code is placed on every page of the website, they can tag separate pages of their website, by creating separate lists for each page or may be multiple pages for effective tracking. Google drops a cookie on user’s browser as and when they visit the site. The list size keeps increasing as the number of users who visit the site increases.  We show this practically to all our Digital Marketing training interns and trainees.

Moreover, Remarketing can be implemented on both networks (Search and Display). Once the list sixe reaches more than 100 on Display Network, remarketing campaigns will start serving the ads. For search network, the list size should be more than 1000 for the remarketing to start serving the ads.

Finally, remember the ads that are used for remarketing should be tailored with a new enticing message or some discount, so they can be attracted back to the site.  Remember, it gives a second chance to create the first impression.

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