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Master the Facebook Pixel Like a Pro

If you don’t have the Facebook pixel on your website, you have an uphill battle and targeting is second-rated. The real power of Facebook Ads targeting, tracking and optimization lies in its single most important feature, the Facebook Pixel.

Who is this Facebook Pixel Mastery Course for?


Learn to Season the FB Pixel
Improve Tracking & Optimization Skills

In this course, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Facebook Pixel!. Your campaigns will always be underperforming and you are missing out on the most important part of Facebook Marketing itself, Pixel. You’ll receive the following in the pixel course:

What you'll learn in this Pixel Course?

The Most Important FB Ads Skill
Say 'YES' to Measure Marketing

Use JavaScript to send events and master Facebook Pixel implementation. The real power of Facebook ads lies in the pixel and custom events with object parameters to create laser targeted campaigns and drive higher conversion rates.

Implement High-End Tracking with Pixel Events

When the pixel is on your website, Facebook knows when someone visits your pages. They know what page they visited and when and the context. As a result, you can create some pretty amazing audiences that you can market to.

Optimize Your Campaigns using Custom Conversions

Custom conversions give the opportunity to track and optimize user actions on the specific pages. With custom conversions, you can choose to optimize the conversions where Facebook will serve the ads to the users who are most likely to take action.

Laser Targeted Lists with Events - Object Parameters

Facebook uses Object Parameters using which we can send additional data about the actions on the website by visitors. If we can use these object parameters, we can create amazing laser targeted custom audience and drive results.

Higher ROI's with Perfect Funnel Strategies & Remarketing

All Facebook advertiser’s main goal is to get Higher ROI and that is only possible with Remarketing & Followup Funnel Setup. Facebook Pixel tracks all the visitors to your website & tracks purchases and use this data for upsells or ad delivery optimizations. 

You Can't Optimize FB Ads Without Pixel
Say 'No' to Second Rated Targeting

Improve your confidence, capabilities and performance as a Facebook Marketer.

I still hear from a lot of Facebook advertisers who aren’t yet using the powerful Facebook pixel — or aren’t using it to its full potential. Most people give excuses like it’s confusion and the intimidation of it being technical to ignorance of what pixel would do and whether it’s needed at all (May be you are thinking the same).

Is the Facebook pixel really needed? Heck yeah, it is. For every reason imaginable!

Without Pixel implementation, you’re limiting yourself and staying away from the most popular targeting option of Facebook. You will be able to accurately track conversions with pixel. How in the world do you measure without the pixel?. You can’t optimize the campaigns for conversions. You can’t do any of the crazy measurement stuff.

You know… "you can’t market what you can’t measure". Become a Facebook Marketing Rockstar with this Facebook Pixel Mastery Course.

NOTE: For someone who is just beginning with Facebook Ads, you need to understand the core Facebook offering with targeting and delivery optimization events

Get 65+ Videos on Pixel Tracking and Optimization

This program includes:

Redefine your FB Ads Strategies

3500+ Enrolled and Counting

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Program Syllabus: 80+ Lessons

No More Campaigns without Pixel

Pixel is the Heart of FB Campaigns

  • If you’re curious what all the fuss is about Facebook Pixel and if it’s actually going to help you drive results, increase your client’s marketing budget, and/or demystify the customer’s path to purchase with Facebook Funnels in Analytics.
  • You feel like other Facebook marketers and agencies know something you don’t when it comes to Pixel?
  • You’ve already set up Facebook Pixel but you’re not sure if you took the proper steps.
    You haven’t yet set up Facebook Pixel and you want to ensure everything is in tip-top shape moving forward.


10X Effective FB Campaigns & ROI

Play the Real Facebook Ads Game

You can’t become an effective FB marketer without FB Pixel. FB Pixel is no more a choice today, it’s a necessity for all marketers in 2021. It becomes the difference between running a successful and unsuccessful campaigns.

Learn Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for implementing Pixel to Boost Conversions.Most Facebook Campaigns fail since they don’t utilize pixel in their strategy. Learn standard events, custom events, custom parameters, custom conversions and many more.

Redefine your marketing and measurement skills with this Facebook Pixel Advanced Mastery Course.

Get 65+ Videos on Pixel Tracking and Optimization

This program includes:

Redefine your FB Ads Strategies

3500+ Enrolled and Counting

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This Facebook Pixel Mastery Course Uses JavaScript, DOM Scraping & CSS Selectors.

Underperforming? Not Getting the Desired Results? Don't Worry!! Master skills like a 10+ experienced digital marketer.

Redefine Facebook Ads Campaigns with Pixel

Facebook pixel, it’s a small snippet of code Facebook provides in your ad account that should be placed between the HEAD tags of every page of your website. Facebook tracks the actions of visitors on your website with Pixel and help you in optimizing campaigns.

Again, most marketers simply copy the code, you need to study the pixel. The FB pixel is a 2 part code. One is within Script tags and other within no script tags. We’ll study the significance of both of them.

Once it’s there on the website, Magic can Happen. Without it, NO Magic. 

Learn to Segment Users into Custom Audiences using Pixel

When the pixel is on your website, Facebook knows when someone visits. They know what page they visited and when. As a result, you can create some pretty amazing audiences that you can market to.
That’s just scratching the surface, but you get the point. I’ve created hundreds — even thousands — of these audiences that are critical to succeed.

Learn Conversion Tracking with Pixel

One of the most important things for a Facebook Marketer is to implement conversion tracking. Without conversion tracking, you can’t measure the ROI’s. You need to learn to implement Standard Events and Custom Conversions, Facebook knows what a conversion is based on users activity on your website.
So if anyone hits those pages with Standard Event code or that were defined as a conversion with Custom Conversions, Facebook can report that back to you.
If you were optimizing for a conversion, Facebook will automatically report those conversions. But if you were optimizing for something else — like traffic — Facebook won’t tell you conversions by default.

Learn to Create Custom Conversions using Pixel Events

Since the Facebook pixel is already on your website, Facebook knows when someone visits and what pages they visited. As a result, you can define where the confirmation of purchase happens i.e. thank you page of a particular product is by simply telling Facebook that URL.

No extra code required. Custom Conversions are useful. We’ll again get to why in a second. These events help you optimize your conversion campaigns and tells Facebook what you want to achieve and find related people who are more likely to complete the event action.

Learn Conversion Optimization with the Power of Pixel

If you don’t create Standard Events and/or Custom Conversions, you also won’t be able to optimize for conversions…
When you select the Website Conversions campaign objective, you’re forced to select a conversion event for Facebook to optimize for. The beauty is that if you have the pixel on your website and Facebook knows what a conversion is, they start understanding what type of people convert. And that data allows Facebook to show your ads to people within your audience most likely to perform that conversion.

Facebook Pixel Course Pricing

Facebook Pixel Mastery Course

Master Facebook Pixel Like a PRO. It's complete practicals. Learn complex Pixel Implementations in real-time.

Fee: INR 36,000/-

3-4 hours everyday.

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Best Value

Measurement Bootcamp

Acquuire high-end marketing and measurement skills. Every day 5-6 hours. Acquire skills like 10+ years exp. marketer

Fee: INR 72,000/-

5-6 hours everyday.

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Facebook Pixel - Fast Track

2 Hours everyday only for experienced digital marketers who wish to upskill with the most complex FB Pixel implementations.

Fee: INR 18,000/-

2 hours every day. Experienced Marketers only.

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No matter where your business or career is in its growth, we have a program for you.

For Experienced Marketers : Our Measurement Bootcamp is the only upskill program in India for experienced digital marketers. Over 80+ of people who've enrolled are experienced marketers.

For Freshers : Freshers need to go through a mandatory pre-bootcamp of 7 days where you would learn about basics and skills required for you to get into the immersive bootcamp program.

For Business Owners : Improve your business ROI's and Revenues. Learn to scale your business using these digital marketing platforms. Our agency handles clients across NA, EMEA and APAC.


Over 80+ Lessons , 65+ Videos upgrade from Zero to Expert level.
Learn everything that surrounds pixel and its implementation in real-time.
Improve your tracking abilities and measurement skills.