How to Find Long Tail Keywords for a New Website for Digital Marketing Success

It has now become very important to target keywords which are long (generally referred as Long Tail Keywords). Since these are the keywords with more accurate and genuine intent. Learn the different ways to find them practically in Our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad program. However, these long tail keywords are less competitive and so we can use them and target them to bring traffic to our website and also nurture the visitors to leads.

Keywords which are 2-3 words are generally expensive and have heavy competition in AdWords. So it always advised that we spend time to find long tail keywords and target them to bring those intent based searchers to your website. It is also easy to rank the Long tail keywords high in Google Search results by doing SEO. You can learn SEO techniques in our Digital Marketing Training Program.

Note: One good way to find these long tail keywords in AdWords are by implementing Dynamic Search Ads, and then check the search terms where the ads were triggered. Digital Marketing is always data driven and in our Live Digital Marketing Training you would get hands on experience on these works.

I am sharing some ways on how one can find long tail keywords for their business and use them in their AdWords campaigns and SEO strategies.

Use Google Suggest for Search Terms on Google:

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It is a great way to focus on Google to find phrases or long tail keywords that may be relevant and more specific in nature. Go to and search for your business using some know keywords, the Google Suggest feature will help you with some variations of search terms that are relevant to the current search term.

If it appears in Google Suggest, it is understood that people are using those phrases to search for the kind of business you are involved in.

All the more, it has been a disputed subject as some experts say that if you keep searching for some long tail search terms on for few days from few unique IP addresses and try and tell everyone to search for that long tail words for few times, then Google would consider that and suggest your phrases  on to users when they are searching for keywords that may be relevant to the business.

Also note, it is not confirmed anywhere and also not a good practice as well.  But, it that works for your business then Good for you.

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