How to be a Good AdWords Account Optimizer and Excel in Digital Marketing??

It is sad that many people learn Digital Marketing and end up not learning Google AdWords. Yes, this looks true in Hyderabad. We have heard lot of people say, we have completed Digital Marketing Course Training in Hyderabad, but when asked about AdWords they are clueless. How can someone teach Digital Marketing Training in 40 days?? Is it so small and easy,?? No Not at all.

When you look at jobs in MNC’s they are generally for Google AdWords (SEM or PPC) or Ad Operations (DBM or DCM), but why do people give Digital Marketing Course Training in Hyderabad when candidates don’t land themselves a job. 100+ people in a batch, they boast, but NONE get a Job and AdWords Certification.

Sad to know that, AdWords Training in Hyderabad (PPC Training in Hyderabad) is completed in 7 days. Ridiculous!! What are they teaching?? It takes a lifetime to understand AdWords (Its that Big, Experts Say). It is complex and we can’t implement the same AdWords strategy across all business models. AdWords features are implemented differently for different businesses.

Some say they need calls, some say they need foot traffic, some say they need clicks and few say they want branding and so on. How can someone learn all these things in 7 days, where AdWords Training atleast takes 35 days.

Come join us to Learn AdWords in a new dimension, learn practically and work on a live account so you can generate reports and understand them to optimize the AdWords account. Adonai’s Digital Marketing Training Course in Hyderabad would help you understand exactly that.

WE ASSURE GUARANTEED PLACEMENT in Digital Marketing, Check our Digital Marketing Course Training in Hyderabad  Course (Somajiguda and Ameerpet offices) to know the information. Just do what our team tell you to do and you will get a Job.

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