Google Ads & Google Analytics Mock Certifications

Google Analytics Mock Test

  • Questions : 25
  • Test Duration : 30 Mins
  • Total Marks: 45 Points

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Google Ads Mock Test

  • Questions : 25
  • Test Duration : 30 Mins
  • Total Marks: 45 Points

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Google Analytics Mock Test

  • Questions : 25
  • Test Duration : 30 Mins
  • Total Marks: 45 Points

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Experienced or Fresher?
Our Programs Makes You Best

The difference between high-growth and slow-growth companies is the skill sets their marketing teams have to make it happen. Marketing training programs to people serious about their career,

Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp Program

The measurement bootcamp is for both experienced & freshers who wish to upskill or learn some very high-end marketing skills. Check the complete bootcamp Curriculum.

Performance Marketers Measurement Program (7+ yrs exp marketers only)

This program is only for experienced marketers with much experience in Google Ads, FB ads, Analytics. The program focuses only on measurement strategies.

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Digital Marketing Institutes in India offering Digital Marketing Courses has just become a place where they hire trainers and teach just like another course in the market. They don’t have high spending Google or FB Ad accounts with them. They are not helping real-time clients. You can never make a career from such kind of useless trainings.

  • Understand you don’t need more data, instead better data.
  • You would Learn to avoid ‘Analysis Paralysis’.
  • Learn to pull the insights out of data.
  • You learn to ask the questions that matter for business growth.

In this bootcamp, you will implement all the digital marketing strategies for a live eCommerce website. Install GTM, Google Analytics, FB pixel, Twitter Pixel, Custom Codes, Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing using dataLayers, enhanced eCommerce tracking and Custom parameters and more.

  • Remember Averages Lie – Look for Absolute Numbers.
  • Digital Marketing is Data Driven Marketing.
  • Real-Time Insights Bootcamp – Making it happen.
  • Gain Skills equivalent to 5-10 years after Completion of bootcamp.

The World of Technology is growing so fast that we can't move with the same pace and expect to reach the goals. We need to be prepared with the growth strategies. This does not happen when you learn digital marketing tools and platforms. Put on the mindset of Growth and Growth Hacking. This Concept of Growth Hacking goes beyond digital marketing. 

  • Growth rate is more important for business than conversion rate.
  • Learn to become a Growth Hacker.
  • Real-Time Insights Bootcamp – Growth Stories
  • Read Founder and CEO stories.

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Apply for '7 Day No Questions Asked Access' to Bootcamp
Get access to the bootcamp for 7 days in our state of the art premise and see the measurement bootcamp in action. Remember, institutes its activity, bootcamp its action.
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Have any doubts? Want to more information about the program? Let's schedule a 45 minute call with our program director to unlock the full value of Digital Marketing Bootcamp.