Master Google Ads like a PRO

Take your existing digital marketing skills to the highest level with Advanced Google Ads Mastery Course. Become a Google Ads Expert who knows to implement advanced techniques in these 2 weeks Live GA Program. Learn measurement skills like a person with 10+years of digital marketing experience.

Why to Learn this Google Ads Mastery Course?

Prashanth Reniguntala

Stuck in Career.... ? 2 Hours Each Day With Me to UpSkill with Most Important Marketing and Measurement Stuff.

Things change so fast in digital world that it becomes tough to manage them all. Most experienced digital marketers face the same problem in their marketing careers. You need to invest time in upskilling everyday to remain relevant to the present day marketing demands. Learn and Connect with fellow experienced digital marketers around the country, learn from each other and grow in your career.

90% experienced digital marketers have no perfect place to upskill with real measurement skills. They already know more than most courses on digital marketing in the country can offer but still feel they are underperforming and not growing in their career.

Learn Google Ads the right way with complete Practical Implementations. Learn the Advanced Google Ads Strategies every morning from 7am-9am for 15 days in Google Ads Mastery Course.

Prashanth Reniguntala,
Founder, CEO - Measure Marketer

2 Weeks (Every day 2 Hours) 7 am- 9 am

This program includes:

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This is for experienced marketers only

Take your measurement & marketing skills to the next level with Advanced Google Ads Strategies.

Google Ads Syllabus

  1. Introduction & Overview to Google Ads
  2. How do Google Ads and auction work?
  3. What is Ad Rank and its formulae?
  4. How Google Calculates Quality Score?
  5. Difference between Max. CPC and Actual CPC.
  6. Correlation of Quality Score and Actual CPC.
  7. Difference between PPC and CPC and SEM?
  8. What are Search Keywords, Keyword match types & Negative match?
  9. Google Ads Keyword Planner Analysis
  10. A study on SEMrush, Spyfu and other paid tools
  11. Understanding Campaign Goals and Objective
  12. Alpha Beta Campaigns
  13. Advanced Bidding Strategies (Target CPA, Enhanced CPC, ROAS)
  14. Bid Adjustments
  15. Draft and Experiments
  16. Expanded Text Ads
  17. Editorial Policies& Business Policies
  18. Call Only Ads
  19. Responsive Search Ads
  20. Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)
  21. Dynamic Keywords Insertion (DKI)
  22. Ad Customizers
  23. IF and Countdown Functions
  1. Value Track Parameters, Tracking Templates and Custom Parameters
  2. Detailed Study of Ad Extensions
  3. Creating a Google Merchant Center Account
  4. Understanding the attributes of Product feeds, subdividing products feeds
  5. Creating your first Shopping Campaign (PLA)
  6. Search Query Report & Data Segmentation and analysis
  7. Auction Insights, Campaign, Keywords, User location, Geographic & Impression Share Reports
  8. Automated Rules& its importance
  9. Google Ads Campaign Optimization Goals
  10. What is GDN and Industry benchmarks
  11. Responsive Display Ads, Display Network Targeting Methods, Custom Affinity & Custom Intent Audience
  12. Conservative Targeting & Aggressive Targeting
  13. Remarketing and Funnel Strategy
  14. Implementation of Dynamic Remarketing using Google Ads
  15. Different Types of Conversions in Google Ads, tracking
  16. Website Call Conversion Tracking, Call Extensions, Transaction Value Parameters, Tracking Different objectives
  17. Attribution Models, Time Lag report, MCF reports on GA
  18. Understand ROI. Difference between Conversion rate and Conversion Volume.
  19. YouTube – Types of Ad Formats (In-stream, Video Discovery, Bumper Ads)

Learn Skills for your Tomorrow.

Underperforming? Scared? Master skills like a 10+ year experienced digital marketer. It's the only upskill program for exp. marketers in India.

2 Weeks (Every day 2 Hours) 7 am- 9 am

This program includes:

Training 5 or more from agency?

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100% Practicals & Real-Time Training

Learn Google AdWords the right way,100% Practicals. Create campaigns on Search Network, Display, Shopping, Video and APP campaigns. Use Most Advanced Features.


Learn Adv. Google Ads strategies

Use IF Functions, Ad Customizers, Countdown, Scripts, Dynamic remarketing, RLSA, Custom Audiences and tracking templates. Use website call conversions


Data-First, Data Driven Marketing Decisions

Learn high-end web analytics implementations, customised Google Analytics, GTM implementations. Actionable data with Macro and Micro conversions goals


Become a Google Ads Strategist

Ideas start differently and spread rapidly in the digital world.
At Measure Marketer, we help bring them to life.

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