Google AdWords Update: Bid multipliers can now be applied on Desktops and Tablets.

Google released one of the important updates to the AdWords interface by allowing the bid adjustments on Desktops and Tablets. Earlier the base bid was applied to Desktops and then the bid multipliers to the mobiles (Bid adjustment was earlier not allowed on Computers and Tablets) . But after this update, Google allows the bid adjustments to be made to all devices. However, the base bid will now be applied to the mobiles and the Bid multipliers to computer and tablets.

It again took back what it was in legacy campaigns but with the option to apply bid adjustments. This is seen by experts with the lens that highlights the importance of mobile devices. The traffic on mobile devices now exceeds the desktop and laptops.

All the more, the bid adjustments that were allowed on Locations, Ad Scheduling was -90% to +900% and mobiles were restricted to -100% to +300%. But this Device level bid adjustments allows the advertisers to bid from -100% to +900%.

Surely the numbers for the mobile traffic are higher than the traffic through Computers, Tablets. It’s time that we focus more on mobiles (The CTR of the ads in 1st Position on Mobile is very high than the CTR of the ads in 1st position on computers). Since CTR is one of the most important factors for Google to calculate the Quality Score for the keywords, it is must that we now have a bid multiplier for mobiles to boost the CTR.

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