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Become a Measure Marketer by Learning in demand Google Analytics skills. Take your existing digital marketing skills to the highest level with Google Analytics Mastery Course. Learn to Improve your Data Collection and Analytics Skills in these 2 weeks Live GA Program.

Why to Learn this GA Mastery Course?

Prashanth Reniguntala

Stuck in Career.... ? 2 Hours Each Day With Me to UpSkill with Most Important Marketing and Measurement Stuff.

Things change so fast in digital world that it becomes tough to manage them all. Most experienced digital marketers face the same problem in their marketing careers. You need to invest time in upskilling everyday to remain relevant to the present day marketing demands. Learn and Connect with fellow experienced digital marketers around the country, learn from each other and grow in your career.

90% experienced digital marketers have no perfect place to upskill with real measurement skills. They already know more than most courses on digital marketing in the country can offer but still feel they are underperforming and not growing in their career.

Learn to Track, Measure and Improve that which is working in your business, and the bottlenecks minimizing success. Understanding where to look, what to look for, and what to do with what you see will change everything you do in your business. Learn the Advanced Google Analytics skills every morning from 7am-9am for 15 days in Google Analytics Mastery Course.

Prashanth Reniguntala,
Founder, CEO - Measure Marketer

2 Weeks (Every day 2 Hours) 7 am- 9 am

This program includes:

Training 5 or more from agency?

Please write an email to Prashanth@training.measuremarketer.com

This is for experienced marketers only

Take your measurement & marketing skills to the next level with Advanced Google Analytics Skills.

Google Analytics Course Syllabus

  1. How Google Analytics works?
  2. Account level settings in GA
  3. Property level settings in GA
  4. How to setup views with filters
  5. Use of rollup property for agencies
  6. Understanding dynamics of users and sessions
  7. How to setup custom reports
  8. Complete overview of audience reports
  9. In-depth study on acquisition reports
  10. Detailed study on behavior reports
  11. Auto-tagging and manual tagging
  12. How to measure custom campaigns
  13. Tracking campaigns with URL Builder
  14. Linking Google ads and search console and analytics
  15. How to measure google ads campaigns
  16. Micro conversions and macro conversions
  17. Bounce rate and exit rate
  1. Event tracking and goal setup
  2. How to share reports
  3. Understand ecosystem of data collection
  4. Setup advanced filters on views
  5. Usage of Regex in filters
  6. Create custom dimensions
  7. Create custom metrics
  8. Segment data for insights
  9. Introduction to remarketing
  10. Dynamic remarketing
  11. cross-domain and subdomain tracking
  12. Enhanced E-Commerce tracking with GA
  13. Funnel remarketing
  14. Measurement protocol and its usage
  15. Multi-channel funnel analysis
  16. In-depth study on attribution models
  17. Conversion segments and assisted conversions

Learn Skills for your Tomorrow.

Underperforming? Scared? Master skills like a 10+ year experienced digital marketer. It's the only upskill program for exp. marketers in India.

2 Weeks (Every day 2 Hours) 7 am- 9 am

This program includes:

Training 5 or more from agency?

Please write an email to Prashanth@training.measuremarketer.com

GA Skills are Critical in Marketing

UpSkill Course for EXP. Marketers

You can’t become an effective marketer if you don’t know GA. GA is no more a choice today, it’s a necessity for marketers in 2020.
Learn Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for using GA to Boost Conversions.


You can spy on your prospects and see what is working with them on your website

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Make Marketing 10x More Effective

Gain Utmost Control on Analytics

Most Advanced Google Analytics syllabus in India.
Understand the real value of Data by learning advanced analytics strategies. Implement techniques that will add immediate value to marketing.


Learn to make faster and informed decisions in real-time based on data analysis report.

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Become a Google Analytics Expert

Ideas start differently and spread rapidly in the digital world.
At Measure Marketer, we help bring them to life.

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