Google removes the Quality Score for keywords with low clicks and CTR.

Google removes the quality score for keywords that have no or low clicks and with abysmally low CTR and replaced them with a – symbol. CTR is considered to be one of the most important parameters for calculation of CTR.

We all know, that when you add a keyword to an AdWords account, Google gives the quality score based on the Expected CTR of the keyword across all AdWords account, relevance of the ads and the keywords and the landing page quality.

Now that Google introduced this new change, the keywords may not have the quality score, if they have no or low clicks, keywords with low CTR. Is this going to affect the account performance is what we have to wait and watch.  To know more information and insiders on Google AdWords, Please register for Google AdWords Training in Hyderabad Program.

However, it is recommended by Google that you have keywords that always improve the performance of the overall account.  Account History is also considered to be a part of the quality score. SO don’t be surprised when you see a – symbol instead of the regular Quality score metric.

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