Learn Complex Implementations of GTM

Master Google Tag Manager Skills Like a PRO

Become a Measure Marketer by Learning in demand Google Tag Manager skills. Take your existing digital marketing skills to the highest level with Google Tag Manager Course. Learn to Improve your data Collection and Tracking Skills in these 2 weeks Live GTM Program.

Who is this Google Tag Manager Course for?

Stuck in Career.... ? UpSkill Yourself with Most Important Marketing and Measurement Stuff.

Things change so fast in digital world that it becomes tough to manage them all. Most experienced digital marketers face the same problem in their marketing careers. You need to invest time in upskilling everyday to remain relevant to the present day marketing demands.

90% experienced digital marketers have no perfect place to upskill with real measurement skills. They already know more than most courses on digital marketing in the country can offer but still feel they are underperforming and not growing in their career.

Learn and Connect with fellow experienced digital marketers around the country, learn from each other and grow in your career. Learn to implement the most complex Google Tag Manager Implementations with this Google Tag Manager Training Course.

Prashanth Reniguntala,
Founder, CEO - Measure Marketer

GTM Skills are Critical in Marketing
UpSkill Course for Exerienced Marketers

What makes GTM indispensable? It’s designed to help marketers set up tools, tracking and plugins, without involving developers in the process. You can’t become an effective marketer & use innovative strategies without Google Tag Manager. Send meaningful data to the all marketing platforms from one place. This GTM Course is for experienced digital marketers.

GTM is the center of all marketing strategies:

Level Up Your Measurement Skills
Learn ReGex and JavaScript

GTM is a tag management solution which enables you to manage marketing, analytics, and other codes in one single place. The real power of GTM is you can implement them faster and be less dependent on developers.

Understand nuts & bolts of GTM

Learn Google Tag Manager the right way i.e. complete practically. You will implement tags, triggers and various high-end GTM features for the live eCommerce website including enhanced ecommerce tracking.

Access to Google Tag Manager Container

It's 100% Real-Time. Implement crazy, innovative GTM implementations on a live eCommerce Website. Import tags, triggers and variables from the container with complex Javascript Implementations.

In-Depth GTM Strategies with ReGex

This is 2 weeks live interactive Google Tag Manager Mastery Course exclusively for experienced marketers. You can't market what you can't measure. Redefine your marketing with Google Tag Manager.

On-Demand Tool for Marketers

Google Tag Manager Mastery Course is only for experienced digital marketers to learn GTM at the most highest level. Only experienced people in digital marketing can apply for this very high-end program.

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What You Can’t Measure, You Can't Market.

GTM is a JavaScript Deployment Machine. HTML & JavaScript are Important to web measurement. Without them you can’t track users activity on the website. Browser programming skills are extremely important. Digital marketers without these skills have become irrelevant today. Acquire Real Marketing & Measurement Skills.

GTM Course Syllabus:

  1. Fundamentals of Tag Manger that every experienced digital marketer should know.(Applies to any tag manager platform)
  2. GTM Overview & Details of Google Tag Manager Interface (step by step)
  3. How to setup GTM for Google Analytics and track page views with one tag.
  4. How to setup external link tracking as Events in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager
  5. How to setup Button click tracking in Google Analytics and the right way to use event naming conventions.
  6. Using custom javascript in GTM for scraping values for high-end customizations.
  7. Deploy GTM in WordPress. Deploy GTM on a hard coded website.
  8. Overview on all Variables types and its functional significance.
  9. Understanding the concepts of dataLayers on a website and its implementation.
  10. How to read values in Use Data Layer, cookies using Google Tag Manager.
  11. Facebook Conversion and Re-targeting Pixel implementation with dynamic values.
  12. Facebook event tracking & sending custom parameters using GTM.
  13. Understanding the importance of dataLayers  & using Data Layers
  14. Understanding and using Custom HTML tags in Google Tag Manager
  15. Using data layers to push dynamic values and trigger tags
  16. Use Custom JavaScript variables in GTM to detect Ad Blockers
  17. Trigger message to users using Ad Blockers – really useful for ad supported sites.
  18. Pass values to Google Analytics Custom Dimensions using Google Tag Manager
  19. Track the use of Ad Blockers in Google Analytics using GTM (publisher)
  20. Track Universal Analytics User ID using true user id from your back end e.g CRM, database etc. and learn how to create special User-Id view in Google Analytics
  21. Sending custom dimensions for segmentation and Adwords Remarketing list.
  22. Write and read first party cookie using Google Tag Manager
  1. Write and read local storages values using CJS in GTM
  2. Getting Query Parameters from URL to use them in Tags or Triggers
  3. Creating cookies and Storing values in cookies for advanced eCommerce Tracking with payment gateways)
  4. How to store a value in the local storage and retrieve it in variables.
  5. How to store the utm_source values in cookies to track the users path to purchase.
  6. How to use different GTM tools GTM sonar, GTM/GA debugger, GTM variable inserter, GTM renamer, GTM lookup variable builder
  7. How to implement dynamic remarketing in Google Ads with GTM
  8. How to implement dynamic remarketing using Google Analytics with GTM
  9. How to change the elements on the site using HTML+Javasxript with GTM
  10. Implementing custom event listeners on website using GTM
  11. How to track 404 error pages in GA using GTM
  12. How to store the keyword path of the user in his journey to purchase
  13. DataLayers and how to read variables from dataLayers
  14. Using Regex Lookup tables and lookup tables in GTM
  15. Dynamically changing the phone number on website for different sources
  16. Storing the high value cart values to cookies and offer them relevant offers
  17. Build your own event listeners – because sometimes GTM’s own native auto-event listeners are simply not enough
  18. Navigating Visitors from the landing page to your final conversion page without deviation with GTM
  19. GTM auto event tracking & social button interaction tracking
  20. How to implement content groupings in GA using GTM lookup tables
  21. Advance integration with Google analytics & GTM
  22. Different methods to track form submissions using auto event listeners and other method in GTM.
  23. Using Regular Expression Objects in Custom JavaScript Variables in GTM.
  24. Overview of all our Measure Marketer Tools

Underperforming & Scared?
Improve your Measurement Skills

Exclusive Google Tag Manager Program for Experienced Digital Marketers Only.

Google Tag Manager opens up new world for you with analytics and optimization. Take your measurement & marketing skills to the next level with Google Tag Manager and JavaScript Skills.

Learn most high-end Google tag manager skills
, to implement advanced tracking. Become better than 90% of digital marketers. 99% of digital marketers don’t measure and even if they do they do it all wrong.

Improve your data collection process
and make the data work for your business. Learn HTML, CSS and extensive JavaScript to improve your tracking skills and learn highest form of marketing.

Take the time and invest in yourself; your future in marketing depends on acquiring new skills.


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GTM Skills are Critical in Marketing

UpSkill Course for EXP. Marketers

You can’t become an effective marketer if you don’t know GTM. GTM is no more a choice today, it’s a necessity for marketers in 2021.

Learn Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for using GTM to Boost Conversions. Integrate all your tags in one place and Track all Micro and Macro Conversions

Make Marketing 10x More Effective

Regain Lost Control on Analytics

Most Advanced Google Tag Manager syllabus in India. Measure the real value of your marketing campaigns. Implement techniques that will add immediate value to marketing.

Learn to make faster and informed decisions in real-time. Don’t have to wait for developers to implement tags and modify them.

Google Tag Manager Course Pricing

Google Tag Manager Bootcamp

Master Google Tag manager Like a PRO. It's complete practicals. Learn complex GTM Implementations in real-time.

Fee: INR 36,000/-

3-4 hours everyday. (special 1-1 session)

Have specific questions? Please write to admission@training.measuremarketer.com

Best Value

Marketing & Measurement Bootcamp

Acquuire high-end marketing and measurement skills. Every day 5-6 hours. Acquire skills like 10+ years exp. marketer

Fee: INR 72,000/-

5-6 hours everyday.

Have specific questions? Please write to admission@training.measuremarketer.com

Google Tag Manager - Fast Track

2 Hours everyday only for experienced digital marketers who wish to upskill with the most complex GTM implementations.

Fee: INR 18,000/-

2 hours every day. Experienced Marketers only.

Have specific questions? Please write to admission@training.measuremarketer.com

No matter where your business or career is in its growth, we have a program for you.

For Experienced Marketers : Our Measurement Bootcamp is the only upskill program in India for experienced digital marketers. Over 80+ of people who've enrolled are experienced marketers.

For Freshers : Freshers need to go through a mandatory pre-bootcamp of 7 days where you would learn about basics and skills required for you to get into the immersive bootcamp program.

For Business Owners : Improve your business ROI's and Revenues. Learn to scale your business using these digital marketing platforms. Our agency handles clients across NA, EMEA and APAC.


Live Interactive sessions, 1 year access to videos from Advanced to Expert level. Learn everything that surrounds GTM and its implementation in real-time. Improve your tracking abilities and measurement skills.