Google turns 18, launches specific products for growing Indian smartphone market.

The second largest internet giant has turned 18 and has celebrated the same by introducing new products specifically for Indian Market. These products were launched specifically to target the fast growing Indian Smartphone users. Google said, 3 new internet users are added every second and it seems to grow and grow in India.

It is also estimated that the number of smart phone users in India will grow from 350 million to 650 million by 2020. The number of users going online and making a search on the is high from smart phones

Google said they are now focusing on three areas access, platforms and products to provide the users with a better online experience. Google launched “Google Station” to provide Wi-Fi at places where people can leverage internet when they are at shopping malls or other public places.

Google also launched a product named “YouTube Go” for users to watch videos while connected to a slow internet connection and share videos with their friends or groups via Bluetooth. They said they now want to target the next 100 million new users who would come online in years to come.

Digital Marketing is also growing in India since more users are connected online and spend time on the internet; it is easy for business to generate leads by using this Digital Marketing. It is sure, that the future for Digital Marketing is growing and the graph only seems to go upwards.

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