Google’s introduces Call Only Campaigns

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Call Only Campaigns have been launched  on Feb 20th, 2015. However, Google was testing these ad formats from 2014 and was serving these ads as well. The ad was created with the phone number in the Title of the Ad, Here it is!


We all know that Google introduced a new ad policy last April that they would start disallowing the ads with the Phone numbers in their ad text. The advertiser who want to display the phone numbers must use Call Extensions. This update from Google brought flak from ‘mobile only advertisers’ as they always wanted the phone number with the ad. But Google claimed that they can still continue displaying the number using the call extension which in some way is ambiguous.

Google brought this update as they saw a consistent growth in Mobile searches, more often users are ready to CALL instead of clicking the ads. Now if the phone number is allowed in the ad text (Desktop) then users cannot click on the phone number and the only clickable part was the ad itself. So Google, released the Call Extension feature and people who click on the number will be charged normally like an ad click.

Soon after this update, Google Ad Approval Bin Team started disapproving the ads that had the phone numbers in the ads. However, some ads are left approved (maybe they dint get reviewed again or a mistake from Ad Approval Team). But I still find ads that display the phone numbers in the Ad text.
Note: Vanity and premium numbers are any ways not allowed in the ads.
But finally I tried writing few ads with the number in the ad text itself and the Ad got approved.

I think Google is not taking this policy so seriously that they disapprove these ads.

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