Exclusive 2-Day's GTM Workshop

Google Tag Manager Workshop 2.0

Become a Measure Marketer by Learning in demand Google Tag Manager skills. Take your existing digital marketing skills to the highest level with Google Tag Manager. Learn to Improve your data Collection and Tracking Skills in this Live Interactive 2-Days GTM Workshop.

Who is this Google Tag Manager Workshop for?

Unleash the True Power of GTM & Strengthen your profile!

GTM is a powerful tool and often its features get underutilized. The knowledge and implementations in this 2 Day's workshop gives you great amount of skillset. You become competent by taking baby steps towards one of the best tools out there for a digital marketer.

90% experienced digital marketers have no perfect place to upskill with real measurement skills. They already know more than most courses on digital marketing in the country can offer but still feel they are underperforming and not growing in their career.

Learn and Connect with fellow experienced digital marketers around the country, learn from each other and grow in your career. Learn to implement the most complex Google Tag Manager Implementations with this Google Tag Manager (GTM) 2 Day's Workshop.

Prashanth Reniguntala,
Founder, CEO - Measure Marketer

Become a Better Marketer
Exclusive 2 Day's GTM Workshop for Marketers

What makes GTM indispensable? It’s designed to help marketers set up tools, tracking and plugins, without involving developers in the process. You can’t become an effective marketer & use innovative strategies without Google Tag Manager. Send meaningful data to the all marketing platforms from one place. This GTM Course is for experienced digital marketers.

GTM is the center of all marketing strategies:

Level Up Your Analytics & Optimisation Skills
Learn ReGex and JavaScript

GTM is a tag management solution which enables you to manage marketing, analytics, and other codes in one single place. The real power of GTM is you can implement them faster and be less dependent on developers.

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GTM Workshop Agenda:

➢ Introduction to Google Tag Manager
➢ Difference between Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
➢ Introduction to GTM tags
➢ Advantage of adding the tags via Google Tag Manager
➢ Key benefits of using Google Tag Manager
➢ Google Tag Manager Tool Overview
➢ Google Tag Manager container tag
➢ The GTM container ID
➢ Introduction to data layers in Google Tag Manager  
➢ Google Tag Manager account structure
➢ Naming conventions for GTM accounts and containers
➢ Google Tag Manager set up process
➢ Setting up Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager
➢ Introduction to GTM Tag Templates
➢ Introduction to triggers in Google Tag Manager
➢ Firing triggers
➢ Built-in and user-defined firing triggers
➢ Blocking triggers
➢ Introduction to variables in Google Tag Manager
➢ Built-in Variables in Google Tag Manager
➢ User-defined variables in Google Tag Manager
➢ Introduction to folders in Google Tag Manager
➢ Frequently asked questions about Google Tag Manager

➢ How to track Single Page Applications?
➢ Extended setup with Facebook Pixel setup (we will go beyond the basic event tracking)
➢ How to optimize page speed with GTM
➢ Install Facebook Pixel
➢ Track FB pageviews
➢ Scroll Depth Tracking using GTM (Google Tag Manager)
➢ Time Spent Tracking using GTM (Google Tag Manager)
➢ Advanced Time Spent Tracking using GTM (Google Tag Manager)
➢ User Activity (Time & Scroll) Tracking using GTM (Google Tag Manager)
➢ Element Visibility Tracking using GTM (Google Tag Manager)
➢ Internal Link Click Tracking using GTM (Google Tag Manager)
➢ Outbound Link Click Tracking using GTM (Google Tag Manager)
➢ PDF Download Tracking using using GTM (Google Tag Manager)
➢ Life Time Value Tracking with Cookies using GTM
➢ How to store the utm_source values in cookies to track the users path to purchase?
➢ Overview of all our Measure Marketer Tools


2 Day's Live Interactive sessions, Advanced to Expert level. Learn important aspects of GTM and its implementation in real-time. Improve your tracking abilities and measurement skills.