How important is Landing Pages in Lead Generation for your Business through Digital Marketing?

Build a high quality landing page to generate leads and achieve your business goals. As a matter of fact, to drive massive traffic, several companies spend most of their budgets on PPC Advertising, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc, , but in many cases it is observed that paid traffic is directed to their homepage or a product page. In these cases, Landing Pages helps you in to filter the traffic.

The main objective in creation of any type of campaigns (either it in Google AdWords) is to generate leads for your business and converting them into your valuable customers. The landing page is a clean and elegant web page does that, it helps in converting your target audience or website visitors into leads. Adding to this, landing pages provides you information related to audience, bounces rates and total conversions, which enables you to easily measure your campaign success and ROI. Apart from this, it makes the task quite simple to perform A/B tests.

At the same time, one should never ignore the fact, how important it is to create a stylish, eye-catching and compelling landing page for usability and conversions while promoting your products or services online. However, do not let your company suffer, because of a bad landing page that may drive your potential customers away. An attractive and stunning landing pages also helps in reducing the advertising costs.

Moreover, you do not have to be a professional web designer or programmer, with a little bit of effort; you can able to create a great looking land page with good design, content and layout for your company in a decent budget. Tools like Unbounce, PageWiz, and Optimizely will do a great job for you.

To monitor and report on overall progress of your campaigns, it is recommended to install Google analytics script on each of the landing pages and set custom goals.

Best Landing Page Practices to double conversions and generate more Revenue:

1. Be specific. Have a clear Call to Action (CTA) and put it above the fold for sign-ups

2. Try to avoid excessive amount of content boxes, high-density images in your landing pages. Keep it simple.

3. Think like a customer; ask for less information from customers to get more sign-ups.

4. Have two-step sign-up process instead of one-step sign-up process to direct visitors to a separate sign-up form.

5. Explain how the product or service is going to help the user.

6. Include great headlines to grab the attention of the audience.

7. Make sure to provide multiple ways for the visitors to contact you, include phone number and email. If possible, offer chat functionality that proves to be more effective than form filling to increase leads on the landing page.

As a matter of fact, every Digital Marketing Professional must learn all these techniques and implement them on their websites.



Landing Page guidelines
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