How Google Ads campaigns affected the Organic Results for a healthcare client.

Multi Channel Funnel Reports in Google Analytics: How Google Ads campaigns affected the Organic Search Results for a healthcare client?

It is known to every digital marketer that Google ads work wonders for a business since it allows the business owners to connect to their prospects who are the bottom of their sales funnel. Since Google Ads has a default conversion window of 30 days (for click through conversions) that allows them to record conversions within 30 days after the ad click.

This means that users don’t have to click today and convert today. Even if the user converts within 30 days, it will still be counted as conversion by Google Ads. However, for Google Display campaigns, we have a default View Through Conversion window of 1 day, so if user is served an impression today and converts after 1 day, Google ads will not count it as a conversion.

Just to add, for Facebook ads their Click Through Conversion window is 28 day and View Through Conversion window is 1 day.

Let me come back to my question here, when I was working on Google Ads campaigns, I always wondered that people would click on my ads and not convert, later visit the website directly or through Google organic and convert and when this happens the Google Analytics does not attribute the conversion to Google Ads but Google Organic since GA works with Last Non Direct Click Attribution Model.

Let me explain this in detail, we had separate landing pages created for Google Ads Campaigns and we were driving users to those landing pages after they click on the ad where we have a lead capture form.

But you must know that conversions does not happen with just one touch point, the users might be exposed to other marketing channels and then convert. So the users who clicked the ad and visited the landing page and did not fill out the form, but later they go to the website through google organic listing and converts, then Google Analytics will attribute the conversion to Google Organic channel.

SO, I wanted to show my client on how my Google Ads campaigns are driving organic traffic to their website, so I had to get back to Google Analytics and create a new conversion segment to track the influence of my Google Ads campaigns on their organic results.

To do this, we go to the Conversions -> Multi Channel Funnels -> Top Conversions Path
Click on the conversion segment and then click on create a new conversion segment and apply filters in these order.

Effect of PPC on Organic Results

Any Interaction with medium is CPC and the Last Interaction is Organic.

When I do this I am filtering out conversions with conversion path includes an interaction from Google Ads, but the Last interaction is Google Organic.

When you check this report, you will find all the conversions and their paths where Google Organic was the last interaction, but Google Ads also played a role in that conversion path.

All those conversions you can attribute to Google Ads as Assisted Conversions.

Affect of PPC on Google Ads Campaigns

This way, I showed my client that of course users have come through organic and converted but in all these conversions the users were also exposed to the Google Ads. Without Google Ads the users would not have come this far at all.

To understand this, you need to become affluent with Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnel reports and understand the concept of attribution and this affects the marketing campaigns.

Infact, most marketing’s fail because of inaccurate attribution. Either they dont know what is attibution or they know it all wrong. Our Agency, has our propriety solution to fix all your attribution issues.

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