How to decrease the CPA values in the AdWords account?

How to decrease the CPA values in the AdWords account?


CPA (Cost per Acquisition) refers to the cost you pay per each acquisition or it’s a metric which measures the amount you pay to attain each conversion. Generally, your CPA will be higher than your CPC values, since not everyone who clicks on your ads will go on to complete the action you deem important i.e. purchase or inquiry or leads.

We at Adonai work to decrease the CPA values of their business. We have seen CPA values decrease by an average of 29% in few client AdWords accounts. To learn these, you can also join our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad with experts from adonai.

CPA takes into account the number of ad clicks you need to attain a conversion. In other words, you increase the no. of conversions, your CPA values decreases. You can use different Bidding Methods to learn how to decrease the CPA, by increasing the conversions.

Increasing Conversion Rate => Decreases CPA values


To decrease the CPA values, you must optimize the AdWords account. You must check each report to see if you can improve something like Keywords Quality score or schedule at the most important times or remove keywords which get clicks but not conversions, check the SQR reports, and use Segmentation to find out what works to get you the conversions. We teach you all these real time scenarios and the ways to troubleshoot them in our AdWords Training in Hyderabad at Adonai.

It is true that when quality score increases the AdWords costs increases, thus decreasing the CPA values. To contact us, please visit our Contact us page.


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