How to troubleshoot Low Clicks related issues?

How to troubleshoot Low Clicks related issues?

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There can be many reasons behind low clicks. Certainly, there is no one size fits all solution for it. One have to review the complete AdWords account and then draw the conclusion out of the review.

Here are common causes behind Low Clicks.

  • Poor Marketing Strategy – Audience Targeted not Interested
  • Ads are not compelling, catchy, clear or competitive
  • Context of placements might have been irrelevant to ads message
  • Keyword themes badly constructed, possible mistargeting

Note, the motive of the ad is to attract clicks and bridge the gap between the search term and the website. If the ads are getting clicks then the ads are doing their Job.

If the ads are not getting clicks then check the Ad Position. If the Ad is appearing at the right side or the bottom then increase the Ad Positon by increasing the Ad Rank i.e. Increase Bid and QS. If everything is fine then increase the Budget, coz your Budget may not be sufficient to get many clicks.

If the ads are getting clicks and not getting conversions, then check the website and see if all the clicks are relevant.

If the ads are getting impressions at good positions and still not getting clicks then change the ads messaging and make it more creative and compelling that it can attract a click.

If the ads are getting impressions at Ad positions of 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8, then increase the Ad rank such that ads start appearing at the top and generate more clicks.

In the Display Network, then remove the placements that don’t perform well with the ads message

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Less Common Causes:

  • Topics Chosen might be too broad
  • Possible miscategorization might have driven ads to pages/audiences irrelevant to ads message.

Here are the optimization areas you can look into:

  • Strategy
  • Creatives
  • Placement Exclusions
  • Negative keywords
  • Add Keywords
  • Category Exclusions

Hope this helps in your interview. Please feel free to write comments, if any.

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