How to Troubleshoot Low Impressions?

How to Troubleshoot Low Impressions?

There may be several reasons as to why your ads may not be receiving good number of impressions. As said earlier, there is no one size fits all solution either. You would have to check the AdWords account and see the past performance and draw conclusions that resulted to this change.

Here are some common causes for Low Impressions.

  • Low Bid
  • Too many Placement or Category Exclusions (D/N)
  • Wrong Geo language targeting or narrowed targeting.
  • Ad Approval Status, ads will serve once they are approved. However when the ad is awarded Eligible status, the ads may still run and accrue impressions.

Note: It is generally recommended to wait for atleast a week before you start checking the data and drawing conclusions out of it.

If everything is fine and still the ads are not getting impressions then it may be because your ad rank Is not good enough to serve your ads. (Search N/W)

If you are targeting Display Network and still not getting many impressions, then check Frequency capping.

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Here are some Less Common Causes.

  • No Display Format Compatibility
  • Not enough Placements/Keywords
  • Ad scheduling
  • URL filters on Published site
  • Placement is not available

Here are some optimizations levers that you can look into.

  • Bids
  • Campaign Settings
  • Placement Exclusions
  • Negative keywords
  • Keywords
  • Category Exclusion

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