How to use Ad Customizers in AdWords? Learn how to implement them in our AdWords Training Program

Most of the AdWords Training Institutes does not teach this concept, since advertisers think it is hard to implement and they think they’ll get confused. We teach these Advanced AdWords Features in our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad course.

Ad Customizers is such a breather to AdWords experts that they can now save time with some of the automation features introduced by Google recently. One of the important feature that PPC experts must focus is the Ad Customizers. We teach you such unused techniques in our AdWords Training in Hyderabad Program

It allows advertisers to dynamically update their ad text making it relevant to targeted location. Imagine you are targeting 3 locations in the campaign, the ad in the campaign will be same irrespective of the location, since Location targeting is a campaign level setting, the ads will not change the text as per the users location. You had to create 3 individual campaigns, each of them targeting one location and write ads specific to the locations. Our Digital Marketing Training Team will help you understand these features in the course.

Now, Ad Customizers allow you to do implement this from a single campaign, this allows you to create a tailored ad for each location you target in the same campaign, making it more relevant to the end user and saving time.

You have to create an excel sheet with all the attributes, save the excel sheet in CSV file and upload that to the shared library in Business data.

Excel sheet - Ad Customizer

Now go to the campaign, select the ads tab, and here in the Title, desc line 1, desc line 2, you can use the attributes written in the csv file using the Ad Customizer option (this option is available once you put ‘{‘, system will show you three options, Countdown, Ad Customizers, Keyword Insertion), select the Customizer option and save the ads.

Using Customizers in the Ad

Ads will now dynamically change as per the Location attribute, and the corresponding text is displayed. To learn the practical implementation of these techniques and become an efficient Digital Marketer, Join our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad Program.