How to use Dynamic Search Ads in AdWords? How does it help for Digital Marketing Experts

Dynamic Search Ads:

Dynamic Search ads are an advanced AdWords feature that dynamically updates the Ad Text. It is different from DKI’s.

  • Both DKI and DSA dynamically updates the Ad Texts.
  • Both are advanced AdWords features.
  • Key difference is DKI uses a code and DSA does not use any code in the ad text.
  • Another Key difference is DKI uses Keywords (i.e. DKI ads does not work without Keywords) and DSA does not use Keywords.

So, if DSA does not use Keywords then how will my ads go into the auction?

To use DSA. Your site should have atleast 300 pages and 100 pages must be indexed by Google.

Logic here is something like this,

When Search Term ó Content of the Indexed page, then the ads will be triggered into auction. The system uses the Google’s search index algorithm to achieve this.

How do you create these ads?

You cannot write the headline and the Destination URL.

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How to you decide the target?

Here you use Dynamic Ad Target option from the Auto Target Option and select which pages you want to allow for ads.

It can be selected in several ways.

  1. URL
  2. Page Title
  3. Page Content
  4. Categories

Note, you can add negative keywords for these campaigns so that ads will not be served when search terms include these words.

Whenever you create these ads, please create them in a new campaign. You assign bids to the dynamic ad targets.

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