Importance of Ad Extensions and its impact on account performance?

We all know that Ad Rank is a parameter that Google uses to decide which ad will appear at what position. So, if you wish to see you ad appears at top position, you must aim to get a good Ad Rank.

But Ad Rank is a dynamic variable, which is given by Google to every ad that goes to the auction. Since it is dynamic, it is impossible to guarantee that you would always appear at the top. Since other competitors also wish to see their ad appear at the 1st position, they would compete with you for the position, but Google decides the ad position’s based on this parameter Ad Rank.

Since we all know, Multiplying Quality Score of the keyword and the Max CPC will result in Ad Rank. But Google last year changed the formula of the Ad rank by including Ad Extensions as part of the Ad rank. So, today if you wish to have a good rank and have a good position, then you must maintain good ad rank. To make this happen, you must use extensions.

NOTE: The CTR of the ad with Ad Extensions is 13-16% higher than the ads that are served without extensions. So, in terms of Google Perspective, Ad Extensions attracts more clicks and it in turn increases the revenue for Google. So Google introduced the new update, which includes Ad Rank as part of the formulae.

Ad Extensions helps in winning the ZMOT. We create campaigns and our ad appears to users who are looking for our services, but when you want them to call you and visit your store, you should be displaying the phone number and the business address along with the ad. This is possible when you use extension, primarily Sitelinks Extensions.

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