Importance of ‘Top Movers Report’ in the Google AdWords account?

For all who are not aware of Top Movers Report, here is how it works:

Top Movers Report is a new report in the account that is designed to give you a bit of an indication of how things are changing in your account. The Top Movers report shows you which campaigns and ad groups have experienced the biggest changes (both increases or decreases) in clicks and costs, and can let you see further details about those changes.

This is considered as one of the important place to look at when you are troubleshooting an account or a campaign which have experienced big changes in the last 7 days or the last 14 days. The beauty of this feature is that it also shows you the reasons that caused these big fluctuations in the AdWords account. It shows the metrics that experienced these major changes and the change percentages as well.

Furthermore, this feature is used in conjunction with the Change History tool to troubleshoot these issues in the AdWords account. Please also remember, that if your campaigns have not seen any major changes, then the Top Movers report in the dimensions shows nothing, it would throw a blank page. we train our students to learn these awesome features of AdWords in the Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad.

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