Insights on Google Ad Approval Process:

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Whenever the ads are created from AdWords accounts, they will go for an approval process. Most of the times, the text ads will be automatically approved. But when the system finds certain words which it cannot comprehend, in those cases it will send them to a Manual Ad Approval Bin, where the ads are reviewed manually for policy violations.

Please know that, the ads would go live once they are approved, but before they are approved the ads are reviewed.


There are 5 approval statuses given for every ad.

  1. Approved – They are approved and will be served.
  2. Approved Limited – Approved for limited set of audience. This approval status is given when the ads are related to Pharmacy or Healthcare industry as they are little sensitive. Secondly, it is also given to ads that do not have a mobile responsive site or encounter mobile rendering issues.
  3. Under review – The ads are not reviewed yet i.e. waiting to be reviewed.
  4. Eligible – This ad status is given to ads that are done with the automatic review stage and will soon be approved. The time delay is approximately 20 mins. During this time the ads are awarded with Eligible status, and the ads are eligible to be served on (Not entire Search Network). The reason why Google does this is because it does not happen with single ad but with every text ad. Google does not want to lose even that money which it can amass during that 20 Min delay before being approved.
  5. Dis-approved – The ads that violate the policies are given this status. They have to make changes to the ads or the sites bases on the violation that triggered the disapproval.

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However, once the ads are approved, they will be classified into a FAMILY STATUS.

Once the ad is approved, there are 3 family statuses which are given thereafter. They are:

  1. Family Safe (FS): It is okay if I show these ads to any audience.
  2. Non – Family Safe (NFS): These ads are shown to people who are over 18 years ex:
    Ammunition. Gambling, knifes etc.
  3. Adult (Porn): Nude content on the ad or the website.

Note: Lingerie is FS, it is not Porn. When private body parts are exposed then it is classified as porn, else it is FS.

Note: Child Porn is not allowed. Abortion Pills are allowed in a limited way. For these business models, you have to get a pharmacy certificate and submit to Google and then your ads will be served.

If you want your ads to be expedited for the review process, then you can use this link.

There are 5 ad statuses of ads:

1) Enabled
2) Paused
3) Deleted
4) Pending
5) Emded

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