Is it worth to pay 20,000 INR for Digital Marketing Training?

Lot of students ask us why the course is so expensive? Why are you charging so much when other institutes in ameerpet are charging less than INR10,000 for the entire Digital Marketing Course.

Please know that, nothing of quality comes cheap. Adonai Advertising is a Google partner and the training that we provide is far better than other institutes. In fact, most of our students come after learning Digital Marketing from other institutes, and then join Adonai to work on a Practical AdWords account. Since Adonai has several clients, we offer our trainees a live account so they can get practical working exposure on AdWords account.

Digital Marketing is very vast, to teach it takes expertise in the subject. Also, Digital Marketing course has several modules like SEM, SEO, Facebook Advertising, DFP DFA, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Content marketing, ORM concepts. To learn all these topics, it would take at least 60 days.

Generally AdWords training itself would be 12,000 INR and including all other topics i.e. entire Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad, it would be not less to say 20,000 INR. Since it takes one and half hours every day to train and provide continuous support to get our trainees to a point they would acquire the required skills for cracking a job in MNC;s.

You can learn the entire Digital Marketing from some institutes that may charge you 7000 INR, but check if they have any clients, do they offer any placements? How many students have been placed so far? So they provide a Live account to work with? Check if the trainer is experienced?

It is easy to be misguided and misled, So Please do  not attend a DEMO and decide, since the DEMO would have the cosmetic touches added to make the course look more likeable. But sadly, the training classes would NOT be so. Please attend 1 or 2 live classes, so you get to know whether you can trust them on your Digital Marketing Journey.

We invite you to attend 2-3 live classes on Digital Marketing, then you will have more clarity about the ground truth reality. If you like to join Adonai, you can browse the course content on Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad page.

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