Exclusive Javascript Training Program

Power up your Marketing with Javascript

If you want to learn Javascript and looking for the best online courses then you have come to the right place. Knowledge of Javascript is often a difference between a beginner and an experienced marketer. A growing number of marketers are embracing the full implications of being a digital marketer and learning how to code.

Why should a Marketer learn Javascript ?

Open up doors for Complex and Customized Solutions with Javascript in Marketing.

Technology is growing at a super fast pace and opening up exciting opportunities for marketers to do incredible things by customizing their campaigns using digital tools. Some of the most amazing marketing experiences today are built on creative uses of technology.

Importance of Javascript for Marketers

Learn Javascript and Work Effectively
with Tech Partners

It's the only upskill program for exp. marketers in India. It certainly makes you a better marketer by expanding your knowledge that helps in analyzing data in the right way.

Implement and Customize Tracking Scripts.

Add an extra parameter to your tracking code or pull raw data from Google Analytics.

Google Ads scripts to automate PPC campaigns

Uploading scripts to Google Ads is a JavaScript feature that gives a huge advantage to PPC managers.

Implement Advanced Tracking Techniques

Improve accuracy or granularity of tracking your websites for better data quality

Interactive User Experience

Create interactive effects, forms within web browsers and track visitor action and behavior.

Javascript Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Javascript 
  2. Importance of javascript
  3. Anatomy of the webpage
  4. Role of JS in Implementing advanced measurment strategies.
  5. Introduction to javascript
  6. Statements
  8. Variables
  9. Keyword
  10. Data types
  11. Layers in Programming
  12. Introduction to datalayer and its advantages
  13. DOM Scraping
  14. Datalayer in the context of GTM
  15. Introduction to Arrays
  16. Introduction to Objects
  17. Difference between array and objects
  1. Introduction to Strings
  2. Various String methods
  3. Introduction to loops
  4. Functions
  5. Document Object Model(DOM)
  6. Introduction to Events
  7. Event Listeners
  8. CSS Selectors
  9. XPATH
  10. Creation of Cookies
  11. Regular Expressions
  12. JavaScript Object Notation(JSON)
  13. Browser Object Model(BOM)
  14. JS timing
  15. Methods to add JavaScript to a web document
  16. Three layers in programming

Javascript Course Pricing

Javascript Course

Individual Bootcamp Program

Master Google Analytics Like a PRO. It's complete practicals. Learn complex GA Implementations in real-time.

Fee: INR 9,999/-

3-4 hours everyday. (special 1-1 session)

Have specific questions? Please write to admission@training.measuremarketer.com

Our Flagship Program

Measurement Bootcamp

A Complete Mastery Program

Acquire high-end marketing and measurement skills. Every day 5-6 hours. Acquire skills like 10+ years exp. marketer

Fee: INR 72,000/-

5-6 hours everyday.

Have specific questions? Please write to admission@training.measuremarketer.com

Javascript Course

Fast-Track Program for Professionals

2 Hours everyday only for experienced digital marketers who wish to upskill with the most crucial Google Analytics Skills.

Fee: INR 7,999/-

2 hours every day. Experienced Marketers only.

Have specific questions? Please write to admission@training.measuremarketer.com

No matter where your business or career is in its growth, we have a program for you.

For Experienced Marketers : Our Measurement Bootcamp is the only upskill program in India for experienced digital marketers. Over 80+ of people who've enrolled are experienced marketers.

For Freshers : Freshers need to go through a mandatory pre-bootcamp of 7 days where you would learn about basics and skills required for you to get into the immersive bootcamp program.

For Business Owners : Improve your business ROI's and Revenues. Learn to scale your business using these digital marketing platforms. Our agency handles clients across NA, EMEA and APAC.

Master Javascript like a PRO

Live Interactive sessions, 1-year access to videos from Advanced to Expert level. Learn everything about javascript that is related and can be used in marketing
Improve your tracking abilities and measurement skills.