Kick Start a Career with Digital Marketing Certification Course in Hyderabad

Pre-requisites to Start a Career with a Digital Marketing Certification Course

Are you willing to become a Digital Marketing Certified Expert? Apart from helping Businesses to create Digital Strategies, Adonai Advertising defines and develops the significant and certifiable skills that are vital for today’s aspiring digital marketers. Especially Fresh Graduates, Small Business owners, startups, working professionals and Job Seekers are in search of the institutes that offer Best Digital Marketing Certification course.

When it comes to hiring Graduates or Post Graduates who are fresh from the College with multiple skills, priority will be given to those candidates who successfully completed certification.

Choose the topics you want to learn to kick start a Digital Marketing as listed below:

  1. Google Adwords Fundamentals Certification
  2. Advanced Search Certification
  3. Advanced Display Certification
  4. Mobile Advertising Certification
  5. YouTube Video Advertising Certification
  6. DFP Trafficking Certification
  7. Google Analytics Certification
  8. Bing Ads Certification
  9. Facebook Advertising Certification, etc.

Certification has many benefits, going forward companies recruit people who truly understand the industry and meet their Digital Marketing needs.Once you select and successfully pass any of the above Google online exams that can give you the edge you need in a competitive job market, they award you a badge that can be used on your online resume, LinkedIn, professional websites and on email signatures.

Proud to be Google Partner, we designed tailor made courses that are truly innovative and follows one-on-one education model. It offers the scope for better understanding between teacher and student closely and which in turns helps us in evaluating the performance of each student.

As part of our exhaustive and attentive Digital Marketing Training methodologies that also includes Mock Tests, Group Discussions and Seminars, we also identify the weak students and organize extra practical classes and monitor their growth time to time. The Course covers all aspects of Digital Strategy that includes competitor analysis, setting the goals, evaluating the performance of the created campaigns, Track KPIs (key performance indicators), Analytics, Reporting and strategy development, etc.,

Indeed, they effectively learn and try out their own ideas on how to promote the products or services online bringing targeted online traffic to a website and generating leads, create brand awareness, etc., In other words, they learn all about in effectively optimizing marketing campaigns across all major digital channels that also include Blogs, Email, PPC and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more to achieve the desired business objectives for the client. The objectives may be to increase sales or generating leads or increasing subscriptions or ROI, etc.

As a result of the above strict steps with more focus on imparting practical knowledge, all of the students who enrolled into our courses, effectively acquire skills and work on live-projects are job-ready by the end of the course to start a bright career.

Moreover, we have a successful track record of placing our students in top MNCs, helps them in getting a lucrative jobs in this field. Some of the most exciting Jobs include Digital Marketing Executive, PPC Expert, SEO Executive, Content Writer, Search Marketing Specialist, Email Campaign Manager, Social Media Publisher, SEO Manager, etc.,

Perhaps most importantly, we take pride in the performance of our students and constantly scour for better. Apart from it, we also impart problem-solving, team building, Research, Creativity and Soft Skills, etc., In addition, we also guide them in a right way to earn online as a Freelancer or if they wish to be an Entrepreneur, looking forward to start a new business.

As noted, businesses build their web presence and expanding their operations globally to reach out to the potential customer and boost their revenue. So Job Market in this Digital Marketing field is booming and Brands putting more focus than before.

But now you have to choose whether it’s worth the time and effort to acquire a certification. With a wide array of opportunities available, it’s time to take the advantage, stand out from the peers in the industry, and successfully complete the cost-effective Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad from Adonai. Be realistic, understand the latest tools; learn the latest trends and Search Engine Marketing Secrets that no one teaches you better than us.

Clearly, there are many new facets of Digital Marketing that are still evolving. Get access to hands on training program from certified instructors with wealth of knowledge and years of experience, we are ready to help you to become a Digital Marketer.

For quality Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad, Call Now: 9948634516. Job Seekers Learn and Master the Online Marketing Skills(that are in high demand) to land in a high-paying job in MNC’s.


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