Making Google Easy is Hard, a place where we go to find any information we are looking for. But we have no idea  on  what happens in the background of Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad covers these topics in the initial classes so you get to understand better on how Google search engine works.

If we ask ourselves, how many times we go to every day we conclude to no less than 20 times. But never we ask ourselves that what makes so simple and yet so effective.

We all know that every second Google gets so much searches and it has to give away the best results by running the algorithm both for the Free Listings and Paid Listings.

Do you think it’s so easy? No my friend. It is not easy at all.


Free Listings: Google has to run and execute the Page Rank algorithm and collect all webpages that has the relevant information about the search term and then fetch it from the database and display them in (0.0000002 secs).

I have heard people tell me, how quickly does Google throws results is How Swiftly enter the Search Button, Lol.

Paid Listings: Google has to run/execute the Ad Rank Algorithm and then show the ads in the best placement possible. We all know how Ad rank is calculated, the minute of the minute details are considered and a play a vital role in the Ad position.

Google has to calculate the CTR, Relevance, LPQ Score, Account level CTR, Ad level CTR, Display URL CTR, Quality Score, Max CPC and Act. CPC etc.

It is not so easy and by now we all should accept that. So in respect to the work and efforts, they display their Home page in a simple way with nothing but Google’s Logo. Check this!!!

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