'Keep It Simple' Principle

Training Driven by Real-time Data Analysis and optimisations.
To make you an advanced digital marketing strategist.


You’ll Stop Thinking in Tactics, Start Thinking in Processes

Traditionally speaking; getting hold of a meager digital marketing certification from a stereotype digital marketing training institute makes you land up in an unmanned territory without practical and real time knowledge. Above all, this learning curve has become out-fashioned in today’s fast evolving digital marketplace.

Ironically, the full potential and the best practices of Digital Marketing are yet to be accomplished even by the most of the companies.

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp has emerged as a unique mission for Make Marketer, to nurture the actionable insights and equip the aspirants to make their hands dirty in the complete real time practical promotional activities of a website, and further accelerate themselves towards getting increased returns using range of online marketing channels (paid, organic, social, email). You will learn to better understand your customers and support their marketing campaigns more effectively.

Learn – Create – Implement – Optimize

As marketing grads graduating from tertiary digital marketing institute and progress into marketing job roles, many find it hard to adapt to a realistic, yet uncertain and ever-changing business environment. The Digital Marketing Bootcamp becomes the latest digital trend’s for aspirants who aim to master the data driven marketing with 100% practical’s, as in current context, data is the king for all the web promotional endeavors.

With the ongoing turmoil of achieving the best return on investments (ROI) for a real-time business, the Digital Marketing Bootcamp becomes an epicenter in itself, which allows the aspirant to understand and interpret the marketing concepts in depth and correlating the best practices of Digital Marketing for results. The Bootcamp enables the aspirant to tackle the complexities in the digital domain and the ever-changing digital scenario and consistently adopt himself and turn up as a thorough professional.

The Man behind to ignite the Bootcamp onto the aspirant’s mind Mr. Prashanth Reniguntala, often referred to as Prashanth by most learners. He emphasizes the need to understand the different Digital Marketing ad strategies rather than get confined with just the tools.

REMEMBER, Don’t Waste money on Tools, Tools are Only as Good as You!