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First, let me clarify one thing, Make Marketer is not an institute. Our Google Partner Status & our state-of-the-art premise tells you the story.

Make Marketer is a proper Digital Marketing Agency with over 20+ high spending clients across NA, APAC and EMEA regions. Our Google Partner status is proof of the same. We are recognized by Google as a partner and we are listed in the Google Partners Database. We manage clients ad spends of over 400,000 USD every year. Need proof, please ask us and we shall share the spend details of our agency.

We have completed 2 cohorts and 3 cohorts are currently running with international students’ part of the bootcamp. All our bootcamper's have been placed already in good digital marketing agencies, Accenture, Zen3, while some of them working on their ideas and some of them being new generation entrepreneurs and business owners.

We make sure that each bootcamper is loaded with so much of subject that when they join a company, they will not be a fresher at all but they’ll be someone more experienced than the existing employees of the company. Our bootcamper will be aware of most advanced digital marketing strategies that many experienced can’t comprehend.

The kind of in-depth learning you would go through and that is what makes us so confident in what we promise.

We are very sure the high spending accounts the bootcamper's will learn and work upon, even most of the companies or agencies don’t have such high spending clients with them, institutes are a distant bystander.


Attend a basic interview where we check your eligibility for bootcamp program. We will check your academic profile, your communication skills and your career plans. We only want to add value to those people who add value back to us.

If you think if you are that perfect guywho can meet the eligibility criteria then jump now and shoot an email to with Subject: FLAGSHIP Program.

The kind of learning you’ll get here, JOB is just a by-product. You will make a career here.


Can’t Wait? Call Our Program Manager: Ph: +91 9948634516

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