Our Pedagogy

Our pedagogy distinguishes us from institutes. It is special and it can, in turn,
impact student perception, resulting in cooperative learning environments.
The proper approach helps students move beyond simple forms of thinking

What makes our pedagogy special?

Having a well thought-out pedagogy will greatly improve the quality of teaching and the way students learn, helping them gain a deeper grasp of fundamental concepts that make you a real digital marketer.

Being mindful of the way we teach will help us better understand how help students achieve deeper learning and getting a hold of the concepts that will move them mover higher in your digital marketing journey. And it can, in turn, impact student perception, resulting in cooperative learning environments.

The proper approach helps students move beyond simple forms of thinking and dive deeper into high end strategies. It is a complete different approach towards digital marketing.

We deal with high-end concepts in digital marketing that includes eCommerce marketing and advanced analytics measurement implementations. These topics are hard of experienced digital marketers to even understand. But because of our pedagogy, we know that these topics will be easy to comprehend and implement them on a real eCommerce website before moving to marketing solutions. Institutes, don’t have a pedagogy and have no proper structure to their training at all.

How does pedagogy impact the bootcamper?

As noted, with a clear and concise pedagogic understanding, students can comfortably share ideas, and have a clear understanding of how curriculum will be approached and what’s expected of them. Essentially, every bootcamper is on the same page.

We know that there’s been a fundamental shift in the way people live, buy and shop online. The number of people using Internet for their everyday needs is increasing day on day. Mere knowledge of digital marketing is not what companies and brands want.

They want digital marketing experts who understand the working dynamics of digital marketing platforms. You need to setup realistic goals with a budget forecast for a business and then create a marketing plan to achieve the realistic goals. Most so called experts don’t even know how to setup business goals and whether they are realistic or not.

Unless you learn these skills you will never be able to build your career. Mere digital marketing course with an advanced course or something or something in digital marketing is not going to help. You need digital Marketing Bootcamps to help you learn them. Since digital marketing bootcamps are more focused and learning in such atmosphere drive you further in your journey.

I have seen people telling me that I have 5 years in Google Ads or 6 years in FB ads, my question to them is where does your campaigns in Google Ads or FB ads come in the marketing plan that you are implementing for the business. You need to first learn to strategize a marketing plan before anything else.

If you look at the last 2 years Google Tag Manager (GTM) has come a long way and today GTM has become indispensable for any business and unless you learn GTM strategies, you can never use innovative strategies and run effective campaigns. Sadly, there is no institute in India that teaches high end Google Tag Manager concepts.

"Remember, companies hire you for what you can do and not what you know."

We make an individual, a real-time digital marketing expert who can understand the business needs and effectively implement advanced digital strategies for growth. You will learn to go after growth and growth rate. Marrying what visitor’s want – to what business needs is the secret to success.

Learn to create multi-channel funnel strategy for growth of a business. Our bootcamp begins with first telling bootcampers what skills that people with 5 years of digital marketing experience exhibit and then work out a plan to reach them and beyond. We always make bootcamper aspire to learns skills that people with 5+ years of experience does not possess.

This is what makes out digital marketing bootcamp special and aspiring.